Monday, July 23, 2012

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in Frenzy and Vertigo

Having concluded the feature on the Chanel Fleur de Lotus collection, I thought I'd move on to the items that I picked up for fall. Since I preferred the blush and eyeshadows from Fleur de Lotus, I went straight for the nail colors. I heard that Frenzy was going to be the next big thing so I thought I'd give it a shot.

Is it grey or taupe? What does it matter? I thought it was nice but when I took it home, it kind of deflated me a little. Not quite as exciting as I'd hoped. Application was smooth and seriously easy, the formula bordering on sheer but good enough with two coats. It's a conservative neutral and thankfully, not brown like the old Particuliere because brown nail polish looks terrible on me. Being more grey, this is acceptable. If only I didn't have Zoya's Dove, which I like but haven't used all that much, I think I would have appreciated it more. Not that Dove is the same color. Frenzy is less grey than that. And despite not being exciting, it will go with a lot of things.

Then there is Vertigo. Seemingly unique, I was instantly attracted to it. But it didn't translate quite as purple on the nail and what happened to the shimmers? It looks black when on and I'm not one to wear black polish. I have Chanel's Steel and I had hoped that it would end there. This one isn't quite as black. I see the tinge of eggplant but it still wasn't what I'd hoped. So, in a word, the whole thing was disappointing.

This hasn't turned out to be one of my favorite fall releases. There's still the eyeliner to review but that's about it. Maybe it's too warm out. Maybe I've gotten tired of makeup being released two seasons too soon. I mean, seriously, this was out probably before summer even officially started. Or perhaps right around the time that it did? I've heard it said before that spring now is really fall and that fall is really next year's spring. It's all starting to get ridiculous. I love Chanel but my interest is starting to wane.

UPDATE 10/7/12: I've been wearing Frenzy for the last few days and I have gained a new respect for the color. It seems to look truly good with my skin tone. Of course, I happened to be living in a striped taupe cardigan all week and Frenzy complements it spectacularly. I had one woman asking me what I had on my nails yesterday. But the best part about Frenzy is that it's incredibly easy to apply and lasts for days and days without noticeable flaws. That, and the many compliments you'll get, are totally worth $26 a bottle in my book.

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