Friday, July 20, 2012

Chanel Illusion D'Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow in Riviere

The Chanel Illusion D'Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow in Riviere, part of the Fleur de Lotus collection, is described as a green with golden highlights. I really hoped to capture it in various lighting to show off that goldenness (because it's there and it's fascinating) but I think it just looks different each time I take another picture. You'll see what I mean below. To me, it seems lighter and more bluish than the previously released Epatant. This depends on the lighting, of course. On the small surface of the eye, I've found that they are very similar. I felt that Epatant was just more shimmery and slightly darker. For some reason, I thought that Riviere applied more smoothly but if that wasn't the case, I would have preferred to have only one of the two and I would have picked Epatant based on the color.

The texture is something of a grainy, gel-mousse but it smooths out nicely, leaving a veil of shimmering silk. It's nothing like any cream shadow I've seen before. Truthfully, I still find these somewhat tricky to work with. It seems like I end up taking out a chunk everytime and I just put it on the back of my hand and take bits of it from there. I like it enough to be willing to work with an unusual formula but I don't know if most people will be impressed.

I've been told that hands work for application but I cannot bring myself to dip my fingers into that pot (comes with a screw-on lid). The included brush is useable and is very portable. I think that it's better as a liner brush though. I generally use a cream shadow brush to apply these. A wide concealer brush works too. There doesn't seem to be much difference when used wet or dry although I've found it easier to get it on to the brush when wet. Longevity is phenomenal. Removal is not a problem as long as you use waterproof eye makeup remover.

Overcast skies, outdoor swatch

My understanding is that Riviere was meant to be the evening eyeshadow. It's the one you wear to a party or a fancy dinner. You can save the Rives quad for work or lunch but when you want attention, you bring out Riviere. It does shimmer with hints of gold in the light and I wish that the sun was out when I photographed the swatch so you can really see what I mean. But the weather's been nutty. It's so hot and then it rains.

The Chanel Fleur de Lotus collection is an exclusive of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. The items from the collection (Fleur de Lotus blush pictures here, Rives eyeshadow quad here, Aqualumiere glosses here, see the full collection here) are available in store and now online.

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