Thursday, July 12, 2012

Chanel Aqualumière Glosses in Alizé and Roselin

The Chanel Fleur de Lotus collection that I showed in brief yesterday includes two Aqualumière Glosses in the shades 80 Alizé and 81 Roselin. 80 Alizé is a sheer golden peach and 81 Roselin is a sheer poppy pink. If you're familiar with the Aqualumière Gloss formula from before, you'll feel the familiar slip of these when you put them on. The formula has supposedly been discontinued so it is a bit strange seeing two new shades. They are new to the US, at least.

It seems that the focus of the collection is the eyes, so you'll want deep dark colors to highlight your peepers, a pop of blush and sheer lips. With an Aqualumière gloss in tow, they clearly want the lips to be neutral. In the original Asian release, they included two Rouge Coco lipsticks, in the shades Charme (a pink) and Superstition (a beige). One might remember these two colors from the spring makeup collection released in the US. They are widely available and they are complementary in color to Alizé and Roselin.

The Aqualumière Glosses in Alizé and Roselin run very sheer. So sheer that when I put them on, they look mostly the same. For the sake of argument, maybe you put on a good amount of each color at one time, then Roselin is a tinge more pink and Alize is more beige. But if you slick on just a thin layer, they lay on the lips quite a lot like clear gloss, with a hint of milkiness.

Brush Applicator of 81 Roselin

I imagine putting Alizé on top of the Rouge Coco in Superstition and getting a shiny neutral beige lip. Roselin can go over the Rouge Coco in Charme for a shiny baby pink lip. This seems to be what they are designed for, if you get the idea. And it can be achieved not necessarily only by using these shades.

L-R: Bonbon, Hirondelle, Roselin, Alizé, Bondi Beach, Candy Glow

I took out my small Aqualumière Gloss collection to compare Alizé and Roselin. I did not find any shade that matched completely but they look rather nice all next to each other. I like the way this formula feels on the lips although I'm not necessarily a fan of the low wear time and the extremely sheer color. You really could put any of them in your purse and expect them to match everything since they will simply make your lips shine. For some, that's not exactly $27 well-spent. But they look lovely in the tube and I like that they are moisturizing so I'll keep them. If you're looking for some real color, Chanel certainly has more to offer.

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