Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Burberry Effortless Mascara (Volumising Lash Enhancer) in No. 1 Midnight Black

When Nordstrom does their Buy Two Get One Free Mascara promotion, I like to try new brands within similar price points. This is how I've gotten to try some of Dior's and now Burberry. I didn't really understand what made the product special or different from other mascaras (you can read the product description on Nordstrom's website). It all sounded like mumbo jumbo, trying to impress the reader into the purchase. A Burberry associate told me that it made her lashes healthier. Claims, claims! I finally just put the item to the test.

The tube design is similar to the lip glosses: clear plastic with the Burberry label on one side and the cap with the Burberry check. The brush did not seem extraordinary when I first pulled it out. The photograph I have was taken with very bright lighting because I wanted to see the inner workings of the brush. It seems like a basic spoolie.

The color I picked is No. 1 Midnight Black. I really don't buy any other color. With mascara, black seems the way to go. However, it is also offered in No. 2 Midnight Brown and No. 3 Midnight Blonde. I think that the point is that they want the mascara to look very natural on. With lighter hair, perhaps it seems logical to have lighter-colored lashes too. I have medium-dark brown hair and No.1 Midnight Black actually looks very natural on me but I don't have a really lush fringe.

To their credit, I think Burberry has created a really good mascara. I have found it ridiculously easy to apply. The brush works well with it and I don't think that I ever get too much product on it. My lashes don't stick together when I use it and I don't get clumps either. I was surprised, in the end, at how much I enjoyed using this tube. The end effect is indeed natural. My lashes don't look much thicker or longer but I can see them well, like they've been tinted darker. Using it after curling my lashes, it seems to hold the curl. It's not a waterproof formula so it is not difficult to remove but I never had any issues with it running or fading. While I don't think it made my lashes healthier or more lush, overall, I wasn't disappointed with my purchase.

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