Monday, June 4, 2012

NARS Trio Eyeshadow in Ramatuelle

For summer, NARS has released one limited edition eyeshadow trio called Ramatuelle. It features a silver, an icy peach and an apricot shade (descriptions from the NARS website). The combination didn't make much sense to me at first. I felt that it lacked a color with more depth to work as a trio. I was also unused to the warm/cool combo of the silver and the icy peach. Dare I even say that a seemingly orange shade (apricot) was terribly daunting. However, this trio surprisingly works. The combination keeps things interesting. There being three shades to work with means you can use them one at a time, two at a time or all three at a time in different ways.

NARS Trio Eyeshadow in Ramatuelle

These three are all colors that I have worked with before, just never together. I typically use silver with blues and blacks to do heavily smoked evening eyes. I would use an icy peach as a lid wash or a highlight although I am unlikely to reach for one that is frosted or highly shimmery on a regular basis. An apricot shade is something I may pair with beiges, browns and golds although this apricot makes me apprehensive because it looks very dark in the pan and it's matte. Matte formulas can be tricky to work with.

NARS promises high pigmentation, long wear and resistance to creasing. I have found no issues at all when using this trio. However, I think that the colors pop more with a good eye primer. The shadows apply smoothly and blend like a dream so I think that they have kept in tune with NARS quality.

In using this trio, I started by pairing the icy peach with the apricot. A MAC artist once told me that if you're unused to a certain shade, a good way to start is to use it on the crease. Wear it around the house until you're used to it before you take it outside. The Apricot looked scary in the pan but using it in the crease, I actually found myself layering more of it on to get to an intensity that I could actually see. After I used it with the icy peach, I tried it with the silver and then I tried it with both, always using the apricot in the crease. The problem that I noted was that the silver and the icy peach tended to look the same when on. I have small eyes. There isn't much space to work in two shades of a similar finish and always have them look distinct from one another. If I had a say in what could have been done differently, I would have kept only one of them and figured in a darker shade that could work as a liner.

The combination is fresh and it does actually look rather summery. I'd like to see this trio on someone with a tan. I think it would really pop. On me, it's interesting but it isn't the most flattering combo that I could wear. It's also not an everyday look that I'd like to put on. While there's nothing wrong with any of the colors, the trio is a real departure from what I'm comfortable with for daily wear. Now despite having said that, this is the trio that I liked the most among the trios that the brand has put out and it's the only one that I was interested in enough to actually purchase.

If you really must spend $45 on eyeshadow, I don't think that this trio is your best choice. Have a look at the NARS duos. There are 63 shades to choose from on the NARS website. You'll get a very similar amount of actual product compared to the trios (0.01 oz. and one color less, if you are really counting). But since the duos cost $11 less, you'll have a few bucks left over to buy something else.