Thursday, June 28, 2012

Laura Mercier Tightline Cake Eyeliner in Deep Teal

I spied the Laura Mercier Cinema Noir collection at a local counter a few weeks back. It felt strange seeing what felt like a fall collection but isn't labelled a fall collection and summer hadn't even begun when I saw it. Now summer is in full throttle and I'm still not in the mood for brooding shades of teal and espresso but I did use my new Deep Teal cake eyeliner.

I collect the Laura Mercier Tightline Cake Eyeliners. Even if they came out with a pink one, I would probably still buy it. Deep Teal is very dark teal color and I think it's best used as an accent color. You can tightline with your choice of Ebony, Bleu Marine or any other black or navy liner and then pop some Deep Teal above it. I would pair it with a dose of mascara and a soft coral lip on an otherwise bare face. The look transitions from summer to fall.

When I first swatched Deep Teal, I was immediately reminded of Turquoise Ink. Turquoise Ink was in a Tightline Trio that Nordstrom sold over a year ago (click here to see that item) with Bleu Marine and Gunmetal Smoke. Setting Turquoise Ink side by side with Deep Teal, you can see the difference. Deep Teal is easier to use because it takes less work to get the line to have depth. But they're definitely cut from the same cloth.

Left: Turquoise Ink, Right: Deep Teal

Apart from Deep Teal, also featured in the Cinema Noir collection is the Tightline Cake Eyeliner in Ground Espresso. It's as if someone from the brand was listening when I wrote a previous post saying I wished that they made Ground Espresso part of the regular line! I don't think that these two colors are limited edition so that expands the regular line to eight colors.

I have Ground Espresso shown in the post with the swatches of all the regular colors in the line. I have a few other colors in that post as well (click here if you want to see all the colors, including Ground Espresso). I don't usually have problems with this range of eyeliners although I noted that with Deep Teal, I started to get some color transfer to my upper lid after 8 hours of wear. Was it because I didn't put on primer that day? But the transfer was minimal and I didn't think that what I applied above my lashline had faded at all even when some of it started transferring. And it only happened to one eye. I use the product with water and apply with a brush.


  1. hope the ground expresso is a keeper in the line ...the mahogony is too red ...not enough depth. ty great info :)

    1. thanks :) I agree with everything you said! I used to mix Mahogany with Ebony to get some sort of black brown. But since I received Ground Espresso, Mahogany has become kind of useless.

  2. Good review, Thanks! My mahogany was a dissapointment of epic proportions :( Yet Bleu Marine is awesome, hoping to try ground espresso soon