Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Exploring The Shops at Target: The Webster

The Shops at Target is a collaboration with five specialty brands: Cos Bar for bath and beauty, Privet House for home essentials, The Webster for apparel, The Candy Store and Polka Dog Bakery. Having looked through the different products available, I was most attracted to the collaboration with the clothing line from Miami, The Webster.

On the first day that the items hit the racks, I went to the nearest Target store. I looked through the ladies tops, bottoms, dresses and cardigans. They didn't have the full selection at my store and I suspect that no store does. Some of the items are online only but there are items for men, women and kids too! I loved the hues they incorporated. The navy and the peach, in particular. I liked the palm print a lot. But I was a little confused about the length of the dresses. It seemed that they were either maxis or minis, nothing in between. I also didn't like some of the fabrics that they used on the maxis but took a chance with the sleeveless jersey dress with the navy and green color-blocking and one of the racerback tanks with the palm print and ruffle trim at the bottom.

The dress did not turn out to be one of my favorite items for spring/summer (and is thus not pictured). It was a tent, by all respects, in an odd-length that I felt was better with a pair of leggings on. The fabric gets clingy in certain places but the dress itself is generally shapeless and must be accessorized to flatter. I almost wondered if I was better off with the maxi.

The top, however, proved to be lovely, despite challenging me with its racerback design (the dress was a racerback too). This was the reason I didn't want some of the maxi dresses. I didn't want to deal with finding an appropriate undergarment for it and going without is simply not an option. So off I went to find myself a few good racerback bras just to wear with these items. It was a challenge but I got some and the top looks very pretty with a navy maxi skirt and a pair of strappy, orange Joe's sandals I picked up at Nordstrom. 

I'm not about to model the garments for you but I wanted to show some of the details and assure you that the fabric is good and the item seems well-made overall. The navy ruffle trim (not really ruffled but looks more like a band at the bottom, which I like anyway) and the piped neckline and armholes are worth noting. The top has not faded despite a few washings and it seems that the items I have are true to size. The top is available in regular ladies sizes in the store ($19.99) and they have petites and plus online. Also online are the children's garments. Loving that palm print, I decided to order my daughter the mini palm print long dress ($16.99).

I adore this dress on her. The palm print is a little smaller and suits the size of the garment. The braided shoulder straps, the decorative smocking in the back, the tiered layers - I love all these details! Fully-lined to boot (navy blue lining shown in the picture at the top of this post with the tag). She has worn this dress a number of times, by itself, with a cardigan, with a denim jacket on top, with a t-shirt underneath. It looks really good and she says that it is comfortable.

I think that some of the garments are a little overpriced and I would prefer to wait for a sale or any sort of price cut before having another look. Online, I've already seen a price cut on a few pieces. The ones that I picked up, I can live with having paid regular price for, since I am very pleased with the way they wash and wear. Now, about that navy and pink bikini... (it's for girls only but I wish they had it for adults too).

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