Friday, June 22, 2012

Cargo BeachBlush in Sunset Beach

I was looking to get a little sumthin' sumthin' to play with and scored a serious discount on this tin of Cargo BeachBlush in Sunset Beach. It's a blush and bronzer combo that depending on the shade you pick, may work better as one or the other. In the case of Sunset Beach, I say definitely blush.

Cargo BeachBlush in Sunset Beach

There are four strips of color: a peach, a bronze, a pink and a gold. It's highly unlikely that you would use each shade individually on cheeks or around the face although you could dip an eyeshadow applicator/brush in there for a quick highlight. I've used the colors two at a time, carefully moving my brush through just half the pan. But, more often that not, I'd just swirl the brush through all four shades for a shimmery rosy brown effect.

I tried my best to capture each strip in the swatch and for the rightmost side of the picture, I swirled a brush through all four colors to show you what it may look like with typical use. For the most part, I think that the colors are very true to the pan and highly pigmented. My swatch was taken in direct morning sun so the colors are warmed up. All the product pictures were taken indoors in cooler lighting.

I'm not particularly fond of the industrial-looking packaging but I'll say, this baby is really light. I think that the tin would probably travel quite well. Of course, you could also pop it out of the tin and add it to a Unii palette or put it in a compact that you like. It's not very large so it looks like it would fit most compacts.

The product seems a little on the powdery side but I think it's a nicely-milled powder and applies superbly. Once or twice, I miscalculated the pigmentation and ended up having to adjust the color with some translucent loose powder (easiest fix when you've over-applied blush or bronzer) so I'd say a careful hand would be a good idea if using a regular blush brush. If you have a duo-fiber like a MAC 187, you can work with that and just stipple on the apples of cheeks.

Overall, it's a fair product. There are at least four varieties (Miami Beach, Cable Beach and Coral Beach are the others that I see), with Sunset Beach appearing to me to be the least bronzy and the most pink among them. It is perhaps not the type of product that I would collect in every variation although I've seen people who like it so much that they do. Sunset Beach feels like a very safe, one size fits all kind of combination. I imagine that it would appeal to a decent majority and work well on a various skin tones as a blush. The quality is good and the price (reg $30) is mid-range for a department store/specialty store brand. If anything, I may have reservations about the shimmer as it can be very apparent at times. But applied correctly, it should be quite lovely.

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