Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chanel Ombres Contraste Eyeshadow Duo in Sable-Emouvant

This is a long overdue review of the Chanel Ombres Contraste Eyeshadow Duo in Sable-Emouvant. Do I regale you with excuses? No. But I want you to know that each post is written with care. That I do use the products as extensively as I can (and if I roll out a post having used it just once or twice, I would state that) and I take this all possibly a little too seriously that I do not permit myself to publish a post without going over it numerous times. If it isn't up to par, it remains a draft. Sometimes, it takes time.

The Chanel Ombres Contraste Eyeshadow Duo in Sable-Emouvant is an easy choice. I saw the entire summer collection and immediately asked for it. A Chanel associate at my local Nordstrom told me that they were initially sent only a few of the duos to sell and they had sold out in a couple of days. But I wanted it so much that I couldn't even wait for them to ship it to me. I went out to another store and bought it that day.

The colors in the Sable-Emouvant duo are described as a sunlit natural beige and an intense brown. Anybody can wear these shades but neutral-lovers will be endlessly happy. The texture is sublime, application is smooth and it's a true wet-dry formula. The powders aren't changed even after you've used them wet so you don't need to do the dance to figure out which part of the pan to dip your wet brush in.

Even if I think that the duos are generally not as good a value as the quads, I think that this duo is worth recommending. I could not bring myself to pack it away in a drawer even after I had used it enough to feel that I can write a conclusive review. This stays within reach at all times.

A beige and brown duo may not seem all that exciting or even summery but I think that this is the eyeshadow duo that really hit the mark for me this summer. It doesn't seem like a particularly creative pairing (as compared to say, the NARS Ramatuelle trio which I will be reviewing shortly) but the versatility of the colors do not cease to amaze me. Coupled with a vastly improved formula, you have yourself a wonderful everyday eyeshadow combo that will transcend seasons and fly over trends.

My favorite way to wear it is to first use the brown shade wet and apply it all over the lid just up to the crease. I want the brown to be intense and cover up the area completely. Then I pat the beige over it using the sponge-tipped applicator and I sweep it all the way up, almost to the brows. Then I go back in with the brown, this time used dry, and starting from the outer edge of the eye, I work in a tiny sideways V (that much-touted outer V) and move the color into the crease going inwards towards the center of the eye. Apply eyeliner and mascara. Done!

That's just one way, of course. Sometimes I change up the order of application. I could start with eyeliner. You could also use the brown as your eyeliner. Or you could just use the brown in the crease. It does fade a little by afternoon but a good eyeshadow base will solve that issue. Creasing has never been a problem, with or without a base.

This beige and brown duo will play nice with just about any other eyeshadow color you can think of. So you can add color in there if you want to. But I think that the brand has thought this pairing out very well. It stands on its own quite perfectly. I wouldn't toy with a good thing.

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