Friday, May 11, 2012

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in Delight

I usually stay away from metallic nail polish. My limited experience with them has shown me that they can be streaky, gritty or inappropriate for anything but a New Year's Eve party. Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour 607 - Delight changed all that.

I wasn't going to get any of the nail polishes from the summer collection of Chanel. But as an afterthought, I decided to put this on at the counter. I was surprised at how the shade warmed up to my complexion. On my skin tone, it felt like a neutral. A neutral! I did one coat on each nail and immediately bought myself a bottle.

Just having fun with the light as I photographed the box

Two coats will render Delight much more metallic-looking but the color is, after all, gold. It has to glimmer like a Chanel Glossimer in the sun. In the shade (as pictured below), it isn't nearly as sparkly. But as nail polish usually looks better with two coats, I went home, finished it up with a second coat and snapped a few pictures before I put on the top coat. Sweet, solid gold for summer. I'm in!


  1. Mylinda this colour looks amazing on you! Is there a pink undertone in the nail polish? In the last picture it looks like a rose gold nail polish. :)

    Ashley xx

    1. I really do love it. Thanks! It's not at all a rose gold but I think it has some bronzy shimmer bits that render it somewhat reddish in certain lighting or on some screens. If you use just one coat, it looks less foiled and I have to say that the formula on this is so good that you really can get away with just one coat. It is totally stunning!