Monday, April 30, 2012

Dior 1-Couleur Eye Glosses in Sunset and Tan

The Dior 1-Couleur Eye Gloss is a gel eye shadow in a tube. The formula is meant to be easy to apply and long-lasting. It comes with a doe foot applicator. This isn't the first time we've seen eye shadow packaged this way. However, this is the first time I've worked with a gel formula that is in a tube.

Dior 1-Couleur Eye Gloss in Tan (left) and Sunset (right)

The two colors that Dior released, and which I purchased from the Sephora website, are Sunset and Tan. Sunset is described as a peachy pink shimmer. Tan is a bronze shimmer. I will not argue with the descriptions. I think that they are fairly accurate. However, when they said shimmer, they really meant shimmer. You know what, let me correct that. This is not shimmer. This is glitter. Tiny specks of glitter everywhere whenever I use it.

Dior 1-Couleur Eye Glosses in Sunset and Tan



When you first apply this product, you will feel a cooling sensation. This eventually goes away although I think that it was a nice touch. I would love for everything that I put on my face to feel soothing and cooling like that. There is enough product on the doe foot for one application all over the eyelid but I did not find using the doe foot convenient. I imagined swiping it once on the lid and then using fingers to blend out but I found that this did not necessarily yield good results.

What I've found to be most effective is to carefully use the doe foot to dot color on to the lid and then blend the product out with a brush. It doesn't dry out too quickly so you will have time to blend. But cleanup is necessary after each application. There's always an errant glitter that jumps to the wrong spot so I don't recommend this if you're rushing.

Indoor swatches: Tan on top, Sunset on bottom

You could use the two colors together but I feel that the formula works better used one color at a time. I'm not very fond of the way Tan muddies up Sunset when used together. Single-shade looks are fine and these work alright towards that end. I did not get any creasing from them either. The Tan was surprisingly better than the Sunset though. It had better pigmentation and didn't sheer out as much as Sunset did. But both of them can be used in conjunction with powder eye shadow.

There are people that get excited over glitter and shimmer. I'm just not one of them. I didn't even find that I could build the color well enough to appreciate the shimmer when using these. (The shimmer is more apparent in the outdoor swatch which I have in the other post. Click here.) It almost felt like the more I put on, I was just getting more shimmer rather than color. Perhaps I am not so adept at using a formula like this but sad to say, when the initial thrill of acquisition wore off, I was not so terribly pleased with these eye shadows.

Perhaps if I experimented with it a little more, I could make this product work better for me. If I suddenly have a eureka moment where I've finally discovered a way to use this that would wow me, I will certainly update this post. Would I be tempted to buy more if the two other shades are ever released in the US? Hmmm... I don't know. Obviously, another review would be warranted if that happened but it's not looking likely at this time. If you must try one, I'd say go with the Tan as it offers more color and bronze seems to be the thing for this summer. If you like it, I'd like to know how you use this product to get an effect that you love.

UPDATE 5/8/12: So about that eureka moment... :) I grabbed these today because they happened to still be on my desk and there was no pressure for me to look absolutely perfect. Hence a good day for experimentation. Much as I dislike using a doe foot applicator and then popping it back in the tube, I went for it, using it exclusively with the eyeshadow. Interestingly, when I finally decided that I did not care if it looked blended out, that is when I discovered that it looked its best. I dotted the product on to my lid, just up to the crease and carefully swept the doe foot lightly over the entire area to evenly spread out the color and then I went and did the same with the other lid. I did not have to go back into the tube for more product. There was enough for both lids. Instead of trying to thin out the product with a brush, I left it to dry in a thicker layer on my lid and the color turned out much more apparent. I stand by my original observation that Tan is better overall. However, using the same technique, I was able to get better color payoff out of Sunset.

I still think that these don't blend very well powder eye shadows are more easily blended and I prefer not to use these two together. However, as I've figured out the best way to use the doe foot applicator, I realize that you are better off without a brush when using these. As I went over the crease, I carefully sheered out the edges using the doe foot and then tapped on the lid with my finger so as not to leave a discernible line. Once the product has dried, it really does not move. You could add another layer then, to get more intense color. Not sweeping with a brush is key to getting that color to show. Just dot it on and ever so lightly sweep it across the lid with the doe foot. If you're tanned, the shade Tan will blend in wonderfully with your coloring and give you a little something extra with that shimmer. Pretty!

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