Thursday, April 5, 2012

butter London Lippy Lipgloss in Trout Pout

The brand Butter has recently launched their lip gloss line. I met all the colors on a trip to Ulta and picked out a few to swatch for you. I ended up buying the shade Trout Pout, to match the nail polish that I bought with it (To see the nail shade Trout Pout, click here.)

butter London Trout Pout Nail Lacquer and Lippy Lipgloss

The glosses are designed to be long-wearing and have a lacquer-like finish. The concept is really cute. My mind was beaming with old campy catchphrases like match your lips with your tips or lend your pucker some punch etc. The colors were so pretty in the tube!

Swatches above taken in sunlight, L-R: Trout Pout, Teddy Girl, Snog

Lips wearing Trout Pout

Swatches in the shade L-R: Trout Pout, Teddy Girl, Snog

I wanted to show the swatches in the sun and in the shade. (See the Nail Lacquer in Teddy Girl here.) The colors look different depending on the lighting. The cantaloupe color wasn't quite translated on the lip. On me, this looks less peachy, definitely more pink. It seems pretty opaque but it's incredibly hard to put on with the doe foot applicator. I managed to even it out with a lip brush but that was a challenge because of the ultra-sticky texture. I had to clean my lip brush immediately after using it on this.

I have to say, I've met a number of sticky lip glosses in my life, but perhaps none that I dislike more than butter's Lippy Lipgloss. It's a shame because the concept was incredibly appealing and I really like the brand's nailpolish. If you love how easy it is to slap on gloss and run, this formula will not be your friend at all. I wanted to like the glosses but the super tacky formula makes it so hard to. Sure, it lasts longer on my lips than my other glosses but I don't mind reapplying gloss a few times during the day. Maybe I'm just used to a different kind of gloss. I'm interested in what fans of long-wear lipgloss have to say.

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  1. unfortunate that the lipgloss is bad.. The colour of teddy girl is so cute!

    1. I'm not used to super sticky gloss and it just doesn't agree with me. I understand that long-wear formulas tend to be so. If one is used to that, perhaps the gloss isn't so bad. I was so tempted to buy Teddy Girl because I already have the polish but... no go.