Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sonia Kashuk Eyeliner Palette

I'm a Target fanatic. My husband and I used to plan vacations around Target locations with the goal of visiting every Target store in America. The idea has since lost steam but every Target location remains mapped on his TomTom and whenever we choose a hotel, we always make sure there's a Target within easy reach. After all, I'm bound to forget to pack something.

For all things Sonia Kashuk, Target is the way to go. While perhaps not my ultimate favorite brand, I appreciate that it's affordable and available. The brand's brushes, I think, are impressive, at the current price point. But like everything else, it's hit or miss, especially with the makeup. Standing in the cosmetic aisle of my Target one afternoon, I spied this little palette of eyeliner. Cake, perhaps? My curiosity was instantly stoked and off I rushed with it to the nearest register.

I try to research most purchases before I bring them home. As this was the last palette of its kind left on the display, I didn't get a chance to really think about it and just jumped. What I gathered from the meager online resources available on it was that it can be used wet or dry and also as eyeshadow. True, on all points (although not necessarily stellar on some). Now here's what you get.

Five colors from the top: blue, purple, khaki green, brown and black. Feels like all the basics are covered and then some. There's also a foldable brush included in the palette (not my favorite and in my opinion, not really very useful). I was definitely excited, thinking that instead of lugging a large 6-pan palette of Laura Mercier eyeliners, I could get away with this tiny thing and have 5 beautiful colors of eyeliner with me on my next vacation.

Apparently, I was wrong. Wrong in that this is a completely different creature from Laura Mercier's cake eyeliner. The swatches above were done dry although the skin was primed to get a little hold. That is what this palette looks like if you use it as eyeshadow. In that regard, I say definitely skip. I'm not fussed by this because Laura Mercier cake eyeliners aren't used for that purpose so I wasn't looking to get that out of this palette. Still, worth mentioning because I was led to believe that this could also be used as eyeshadow. Just perhaps, not in the traditional sense because you would get patchy application if you used it on larger areas.

To use it like you would regular powder eyeshadow to line the eyes, it gives stellar payoff. Try it this way. Take a small flat eyeshadow brush and dip it into your color of choice. Line in short, thin strokes above the lashline but as close to the lash hairs as you can get and go over it a couple of times until you get the desired intensity. It might be a good idea to tap excess powder off the brush before bringing it to your skin just because fallout is kind of hard to remove. You may try to smush the brush in between the lash hairs too although I got some fallout doing that even if I had tapped off excess beforehand. Still, if you can keep it neat, this is actually better than your average eyeshadow for dry-lining (if that's a word) because it lasts all day and the line can be made to look natural, smudged and smoky or intense, especially the black shade. Personally, I like the brown shade the best. It looks more natural on me as the black seems too harsh with my coloring and I use black mascara anyway.

I used it wet and tried to line the upper lashline with it and wasn't thrilled. I tried adjusting the amount of water, less to more, but my main complaint is that it doesn't seem to really gel with the water so I feel like I have this wet brush and I'm pushing around powder pigment. If you can get it on, sure, the color becomes bold when used wet. But the trouble isn't worth it to me since I have other products that are truly designed for wet use and they do it well. This is definitely not a substitute for my Laura Mercier cake eyeliner and not as versatile as I was led to believe it would be. Also, some of the colors leave a stain and are harder to remove especially when used wet. If only for this reason, I think they are best used dry.

The pictures above show what the item will look like off the shelf. If you're interested, you may still find it in stock at your nearest Target store. It is also available online.