Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lierac Gentle Cleansing Water

I was in New York a few weeks ago, killing time at a Duane Reade before heading home, and I discovered an interesting section at the second floor of the store. They had a very nice beauty department up there! The store stocked brands I don't normally see in a drugstore. I spent most of my time perusing the Becca display (grabbed a couple of things, still testing) and when I rung up, the very helpful and nice associate handed me samples of skincare from a brand called Lierac.

Back at home, Lierac turned out to be available at CVS although only one of four CVS stores in my area carried the line. I had been looking for a less expensive alternative to the Chanel Eau Douceur Cleansing Water which I had been using lately and I chanced upon the Lierac Gentle Cleansing Water which my CVS sold at half off ($13). It was an unadvertised sale and I was perfectly willing to shell out the $26 at the time but it seems that what I was sold was actually the old version of the Cleansing Water. The new one is simply called Lierac Gentle Cleanser and is sold in a purple bottle. Either way, the product turned out to be better for me than Chanel's Eau Douceur so I am very pleased.

What exactly is this Gentle Cleansing Water anyway? It is basically a gentle, no-rinse cleanser. You pump the product on to a cotton pad and massage it all over your face. It contains a moisturizing agent, lily and matricaria extracts, and a cleansing agent. It is mildly scented. I only use this product as a cleanser when I am not wearing any makeup. It's good for mornings, when I don't think I need superpower cleansers but just a light wash to get rid of excess oil and superficial dirt on the face from the overnight. It's also good for after working out or any other time that I want to quickly cleanse my face without having to rinse. I had been using the Chanel Eau Douceur Cleansing Water in the exact same capacity and find that I now like Lierac's Gentle Cleansing Water better. Chanel suddenly feels more like mere scented water. The Lierac Gentle Cleansing Water seems to clean a little better and imparts a little moisture too.

For the record, I have mostly dry skin and I get redness on my cheeks. The Lierac Gentle Cleansing Water feels soothing to my skin and does not aggravate any skin conditions. I think I might have to look at the line more closely the next time I find myself at a Duane Reade and maybe I'll pick up the new Gentle Cleanser while I'm there.

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