Friday, March 16, 2012

Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Colour in Peach Whisper

Laura Mercier has come out with a new set of blushes (five shades) and I chose Peach Whisper to add to my collection.

I like the brand's blushes for their smooth finish and light feel. They are nicely pigmented and not the type that you would be brushing on multiple times to get color. If anything, I've found that applying them with a fan brush works best. Peach Whisper fulfills my need for a true peach that is not too bright, not too brown, not pink and not shimmery. However, showing all that in photographs has proven to be a challenge. Forgive me if the pictures tend to look a bit more pink than they should be, even in various types of lighting and with different background colors. The swatch, however, seems fairly accurate. So with reservations, I recommend going by that.

Some would argue that noone blushes peach and therefore a peach shade looks unnatural on the cheeks. The same could be said of coral and yet there are many coral devotees. If you were drawn in by Fresh Peach in the Lingerie Collection Eye and Cheek Palette, this is a slightly darker but still decidedly peach sister to that shade which you can purchase by itself for $22. The compact also fits in the customizable palettes which I showed yesterday as part of the Custom Artist Portfolio.

Keeping the rest of the face neutral and light, I think Peach Whisper gives the cheeks life and youth (and still looks natural). For spring, I think it hits the mark.

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