Monday, March 26, 2012

Laura Mercier Metallic Crème Eye Colour Swatches (all permanent colors)

Laura Mercier is one of my favorite makeup brands. People who know me where I shop know that they don't have to do any selling when it comes to Laura Mercier. I attempt to try everything that the brand comes out with and purchase items that I like. At this point, I have a fairly hefty Laura Mercier collection so I tend to be more selective about my purchases. My goal is to stick to items that I know I will truly use and to avoid redundancies.

Over the weekend, I was trying to get over the fact that I had to cancel a planned vacation due to weather-related issues so I swung by the mall to see what was new. There was actually nothing new that I was interested in and the mall was crowded, making it impossible to enjoy anything. But I did grab a couple of samples so I could swatch Laura Mercier's Metallic Crème Eye Colour for you as a complete set.

From left: Alloy, Burnished Copper, Gold, Platinum, Rose Gold and Titanium

The first shade I ever purchased was Burnished Copper. I had a very nice makeover at a Seattle Nordstrom where the makeup artist used the shade on me. I had asked for a lovely, eye-defining look that I could use for an upcoming wedding where I was a bridesmaid. She hit the mark with that shade. This was years ago though and I have since discovered other shades. Mostly, I use the product as a base for powder shadow. It helps prevent creasing and it really lasts all day. The product is used sparingly so I imagine it unlikely that I will ever finish a tube before it has to be replaced. Having had one for years, I can tell you that the consistency will change ever so slightly when the product gets very old. It's probably still useable (it didn't harden but there were bits of graininess) but especially as it is for the eye area, I would only keep it for archival purposes.

Same swatches in different lighting (no flash)
L-R: Alloy, Burnished Copper, Gold, Platinum, Rose Gold, Titanium

My favorite colors in this set are Gold and Alloy. Gold, for its ever-flattering pale metallic sheen with a hint of taupe and Alloy for its full-on taupe glory. I have also swatched the now-discontinued (or perhaps it was Limited Edition) Titanium. There's no reason to hunt down the shade though. Alloy can easily be used in place of it. You just lose a little of the violet. Platinum is a shade I rarely turn to, but if you're going to completely cover it up with powder shadow, it makes for a very versatile base. It's also useful if you like mixing shades as it can lighten pigments that are too dark. You could, for instance, mix Platinum with Burnished Copper and get a unique shade. I mix the colors on the back of my hand, like I've seen makeup artists do. Rose Gold, while extremely popular, does not seem to look good on me. This is the shade that I had to get a sample of, since I have never bought it.

I'll share a trick that I learned from one of their artists. If you've ever tried using their kohl eye pencils, you could use Black Gold, smudge it all over the lid with black eyeshadow (Noir works) and paint a thin layer of the Metallic Crème Eye Colour in Gold over it. You can then pop a hint of a pale shadow (she used Guava on me) over it to set the cream and use Bamboo to create depth at the outer corner and crease. The Kohl Eye Pencil in Black Gold, Metallic Crème Eye Colour in Gold and the Luster Eye Colour in Bamboo are all complementary, with a gold hue tying all the shades together. The look is natural in pictures but breathtaking in person. I had MAC artists asking me what I did with my eyes after I had this done on me. The products are adaptable. You can use them however you want (just give the metallic crème eye colour time to dry before layering on). A MAC associate once told me that Paints were "old school." These are a lot like Paints in concept. Cream color in a tube. So what if I'm old school? The stuff is awesome.


  1. These colors really are beautiful. I have Alloy in my own collection & love it when I'm feeling like a bit of a metallic eye look.

  2. Love all your Laura Mercier reviews!