Thursday, March 29, 2012

Laura Mercier Kohl Eye Pencil Swatches (current colors)

It wasn't my intention to end up doing something of a series on the Laura Mercier eye products but since I've started it, I might as well try and share as much as I can. In this post, I'll show all the swatches of the Laura Mercier Kohl Eye Pencils that are in the regular line.

Brown Copper

Most of the colors in this line are somewhat dark and a number of them are variations of black (ie. black gold, black violet, black turquoise) so they have a black base with colored pigments mixed in. I think that the black variants are very nice and I have a special preference for Black Gold, which is probably my favorite eyeliner. I cannot live without this color. It's that gold with depth that works with everything.

L-R: Black Gold, Black Violet, Purple Sapphire, Antique Jade, Black Navy, Stormy Grey, Brown Copper, Black Turquoise

The initial swatches above were taken under direct sunlight although I think there was a little shadow towards the right side so I took a few more shots to make those colors come out a little more clearly. Black Navy, in particular, seems to have faded a little but you'll see that it leans a bit indigo, like my favorite pair of dark wash jeans.

L-R: Antique Jade, Black Navy, Stormy Grey, Brown Copper, Black Turquoise

L-R: Black Gold, Black Violet, Purple Sapphire, Antique Jade, Black Navy, Stormy Grey, Brown Copper and Black Turquoise

L-R: Black Gold, Black Violet, Purple Sapphire and Antique Jade

Sometimes, I'm wary of taking pictures under the sun because it's not really what the color will look like when you look at it indoors and that's likely where you'll be when you wear these colors. I have one indoor shot of some of the colors. This is a swatch that I made previously and is still worth looking at, if only to compare with the swatches made in the sun.

L-R: Purple Sapphire, Black Violet, Black Turquoise, Brown Copper and Black Gold

You'll notice in the indoor swatch above that you see less of that metallic quality. These were applied more heavily than the more recent swatches I made. Purple Sapphire looks less patchy here but I find that it applies problematically most of the time. Black Violet seems more black, which is how it looks indoors, and you actually see a heavy green tinge to Black Turquoise so that it looks a lot like Antique Jade. It doesn't consistently produce this color and I would buy Antique Jade over Black Turquoise any day. Brown Copper and Black Gold, always winners.

Purple Sapphire, smushed in transit!

Occasionally, you will get a pencil that doesn't seem to apply like the others. I had this experience with Black Turquoise and Purple Sapphire. I was under the impression that they must dry out but this is not necessarily true as I've had a number of these for years and they're as good as the day I bought them. Perhaps certain shades just come out less creamy than others. I really don't know. That's something you'd have to take up with the manufacturer/vendor if you had that issue.

These pencils are designed for lining the inside of the eyelid and the base of the lashes. I don't normally line the inner rim or the waterline so I can't tell you what it's like to use these for that. However, I find that these pencils are generally easy to apply. I don't think they work well for thin, crisp lines. They work best when smudged. These do fade significantly throughout the day. Personally, I'm not into the heavily-kohled look and I mainly use these as a base. They will smudge unapologetically if you line heavily and don't set with powder. You could try it on the lashline or over the entire lower lid as a base color (you must smudge it!!!) and then set with powder eyeshadow.

I think that the current lineup is a good set of colors and if you're into kohl, these are worth a look. Some colors seem to cross over into the brand's other eye products. A green like Antique Jade, for instance, makes another appearance as a Caviar Stick in the shade Jungle (see Jungle here) and Brown Copper reminds me a lot of the Metallic Creme Eye Colour in Burnished Copper (see Burnished Copper here). They won't be exactly the same and perhaps they're wonderful when used together or you might just want to have one of each type. Laura Mercier sells makeup sets that will occasionally have one of these included. That's how I got my first Black Gold and Black Turquoise. Nordstrom has one now which includes Stormy Grey. Individually, they cost $20. Sephora carries the entire line and VIBs can use their 15% off coupon beginning today, in stores and online. Did you get your umbrella yet?


  1. Great review! I love seeing all the swatches!
    Although I think some of the colors (esp Black Gold) do look beautiful, there's nothing that bothers me more than eyeliner that smudges or fades. I don't want to go through my day worrying whether or not my eyeliner has migrated around my face haha

  2. Just wanted to say that I recently purchased one of these pencils in Black Navy and I truly love it. I bought it to replace a similar Clinique kohl liner shade that had been discontinued and this was my first purchase of any Laura Mercier product. I am really happy with the soft look that this pencil provides and how it applies very smoothly. I haven't had a problem with smudging although it does fade slightly during the day. Thanks so much for sharing all of these swatches of my new favorite eye pencil :)

    1. I was wearing that shade today :) You're absolutely welcome!