Monday, March 5, 2012

Guerlain Lingerie De Peau (Compact) Foundation SPF 20 and Concealer

With my purchase of the Écrin 4 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette which I reviewed last week, I received a sample of Guerlain's cream foundation and concealer combo. The sample is presented in a cardboard fliptop case with a small mirror and sponge. The mirror and sponge are somewhat useless but there was enough product for me to use for several days to form an opinion.

The texture of the foundation side (left) is creamy and smooth. The foundation color seems to be more or less consistent among their different foundation lines that I've tried so I used the same color on this formula, 02 Beige Clair. It blends in seamlessly with my skin. The concealer looks to be about one shade lighter but with heavier coverage. I used disposable makeup wedges to apply it because the included puff was way too small to be of service. There are instructions included that show you the recommended method of application. It makes you start from the center of the face, moving outward.

The concealer that it comes with seemed a little too light-colored for me to use under the eye area. The texture was somewhat of a fail for me as well. It just didn't blend in quite as nicely as the foundation did and it settled into fine lines. I actually found it better to just use the foundation itself for that part too.

The end effect for me was very natural. The coverage is mild at best and the product feels light enough on the skin to use even in the spring. It's softly scented as well. Nice as it was, I was not compelled to get this in full size. I'm still on the fence because I know that I won't reach for a cream product as much as I would a liquid one. The concealer issue was also a bit much for me to ignore. If you are in the market for cream foundation, I suggest going to a counter for a sample and then wait. Why? Because Chanel is rolling out a new cream foundation compact soon. I think it would be nice to compare before making a decision.

UPDATE 4/4/12: Now having tried both Guerlain and Chanel, I think my skin agrees with Guerlain's Lingerie De Peau Compact Foundation better than the Chanel Vitalumière Aqua Cream Compact Makeup. I think Guerlain's is friendlier to my dry patches and sinks into my skin better. They're two completely different textures but both feel light on the skin. I just find Guerlain's easier to blend in and even out. Perhaps the color is a better match too. I think the concealer side can work if blended into spots that need lightening, just for spot concealing and not under the eyes. I'm no longer in the market for cream foundation as the weather has warmed up significantly. But if and when I am, this is the one I'm going to buy.

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