Friday, March 2, 2012

Chanel Retractable Lip Brush

I've lived for years without buying a new lip brush. I use a lip liner with a brush on the opposite end. I have a few of those and they have served me well so while I've thought about spending money on a lip brush, it was never felt like a necessity. That changed when I saw Chanel's new retractable lip brush. I was in love.

The associate showed me this brush when she was rolling out the display for the brand new brushes. It was a little black thing, about 4 inches in length. Out it came from the black velvet bag, she uncapped it, twisted up and there it was. The lip brush.


I've used this brush at every opportunity since I got it. I have no complaints. The brush is compact and lidded which makes it great for the purse. The cap latches on to the bottom of the brush so there's always a place for it and it will not get lost. Attaching it also gives the handle extra length, making the brush approximately five and a half inches long. The hairs are the perfect length, thickness and stiffness. It's just a well-crafted lip brush. While Chanel sells a full-size lip brush with this new line, (only available at Chanel Makeup Studios and online), there's no need to track it down. The retractable is perfect.

I know I spent far too much on a portable lip brush but I really love this brush. For something I look forward to using every single day, that's money well spent.

UPDATE 10/14/12: I had an interesting conversation with one of the ladies working the Chanel counter at Nordstrom. She says that they (the associates) have had some problems with their lip brushes. The problem being shedding. I have not had this problem with mine but I suppose there's a higher risk of that happening if you tend to wash your lip brushes very often, as they would at a counter. Just saying, if you buy one, make sure it's some place that you can get your money back from, in case the brush you get isn't up to par.


  1. Hi, just wanted to say I came across your blog while doing a search for lipstick color swatches and really enjoyed reading it. Look forward to visiting again soon :) Karen

  2. Great! I got it now.. I wonder if it is a default that in my lip brish the tip (when you screwed it out) is not exactly 100% in the center of the oval.. it leans to one side rather than being perfectly in the center.. (it does function and all, but I am just like that I want it perfect!)

    Should I send it back?

    1. Really? If it bothers you and it's a no hassle return, I would exchange it. I agree completely that it should perfect!