Tuesday, March 6, 2012

butter London 3 Free Nail Lacquer in All Hail The Queen

I bought a butter trio of Nail Lacquers in September last year. The set featured the shades Royal Navy, Pink Ribbon and All Hail The Queen. While I had shown the polishes and swatched each on one nail, I never did get around to testing the shades out for full wear until now. This is All Hail The Queen.

All Hail The Queen is something of a light taupe with a glitter finish. Indoor lighting doesn't really do the shade much justice as it comes off mostly taupe with what looks like flecks of white or silver. From a distance in even poorer light such as from a lamp in the night time, it passes itself off as a plain neutral. But try looking at this shade in the sun and those sparkles just come to life.

All Hail The Queen in the sun

I like this shade because the color appeals to the more conservative part of me and yet manages to be a little more exciting than a taupe nail polish. It's pretty low maintenance. It's easy to apply, with mild errors being unnoticeable. It's semi-sheer without being too transparent and the formula is as smooth as always. The wear time is really good.

All Hail The Queen in the shade

NARS Night Rider comes to mind when I wear All Hail The Queen. Not that they're the same color but it's the way that the glitter comes into play. It's a rare event for me, to like glitter polishes, being very partial to creamy shades. Night Rider is a lilac/plum with silver glitter. But the way All Hail The Queen applies just reminds me of Night Rider. I'm happy to have both in my collection.

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