Monday, March 12, 2012

Burberry 'Lip Mist' Natural Sheer Lipstick in Copper

I've reviewed a number of Burberry lipsticks and recently, two glosses for spring. With that purchase, I received a deluxe mini Lip Mist in the shade Copper.

The Lip Mist line is looking like Burberry's answer to the spate of sheer lipsticks to come out in the market. The formula is described as creamy, with a dewy finish. The color, natural and sheer. The feel, lightweight and hydrating.

A sheer lipstick feels to me like a perfect fit with Burberry's aesthetic. The look remains neutral no matter how much of it you put on. I would describe Copper as a slightly orangey take on nude. On lips, it does come off rather natural but for some reason, it feels a little off to me. I love a good nude lip but this one just isn't ending up on my favorites list. Is it the color? Is it the texture? Well, possibly everything combined.

I think I want a little more color for starters. I try to apply this so I can see that hint of color but I feel like it always ends up uneven. There'd be more of that copperiness on the upper lip and the lower lip looks bare except on the outer edges. And no matter how much I put on, it doesn't feel as moisturizing as I want it to be. I'm disappointed and not keen on spending $30 on the full size.

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  1. Boo, I was planning to purchase one of these lip mists but now I'm rethinking it. Too bad it's not moisturizing, you would think that for such a high quality brand they would have their formula down pat.