Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mini Kittour Daily Mini Organizer and Carried Away Zip-Seal Bags

If you travel a lot, you start to get more specific about your needs for each trip. You know what size bag will work and how many compartments you need. I used to want a travel-size everything just for trips. But in the last decade, going by plane has become less than appealing, what with all the rules about what you can carry on you. This kit from Mini Kittour attempts to make packing your Ziploc of beauty minis a little less of a headache and a touch more glamorous.

The Daily mini organizer (in champagne and chocolate shades) is a small clutch with two zippered compartments. The smaller compartment houses a mirror and three makeup brushes, with slots for a total of 5. The other compartment can fit your makeup and other essentials. With the set comes two small jars and two bottles that you can fill with your favorite products. I received this organizer as a prize in a contest, along with a box of the Carried Away designer zip-seal bags.

The bag itself is a bit small for my needs because I tend to carry the entire neighborhood with me when packing. But the size is actually versatile because not only can you pack this in your overnighter or your gym bag but in your purse as well. The brush compartment can accomodate 5 or more brushes. The elastic is bigger on the two ends so you can either put a bigger brush there or 2 or more smaller ones. The elastic will also hold down a standard pencil so you could put a brow pencil with a spoolie in there. The brushes that actually come with the kit (3 total) are decent quality. I've used the eye brushes without any issues and it will do the job if your basic look is one shade of eyeshadow and a liner. The larger brush is likely designed for general powder use but has worked best for me as a blush brush. There was a little shedding and dye transfer from the big brush but this all stopped after three washings.

The other compartment will fit the refillable containers for liquid and cream products and a couple of other items. I prefer to move these containers into a zip-seal bag and instead put my makeup into the compartment. Sizewise, it would fit two larger palettes, a lipstick and eyeliner and not much else. To be more specific, I could carry the Laura Mercier eye and cheek palette in it and one other compact of the same size or smaller (ie. bronzer, pressed powder), one tube of Dior lipstick and a long, slim tube of mascara or a pencil eyeliner. If this is all you need to create a full face, then this is perfect!

The zip-seal bags are basically the size of a standard quart bag that airport security expects you to pop your liquids in to go on to the x-ray belt. Getting a box of these is one of those things you'd do if you just want to be matchy-matchy with your things and feel like blowing $6 on a box of quart size zippered plastic bags. It's not heavy-duty plastic but it's a plastic bag and the zip-seal works. That's all there is to it.

How much does this bag of goodies cost? $50. To say whether this is worth it or not depends on how much you like the design and what your general budget is for things like toiletry kits. I can see a number of uses for this and am happy to receive it. It's well-made and the construction feels sturdy. I'm not too fond of the charms that double as zipper pulls, but if your friend's name begins with a V and she likes high heels, maybe she'll love it. They should allow you to customize those charms! I think that it would make a nice gift. As I've mentioned that it is a bit small for me to pack in a suitcase, I am planning to convert this into my car emergency makeup kit. That brush compartment solved my brush storage issues for my current kit and it will hold just the stuff I need to touch up in the car.

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