Friday, February 3, 2012

Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24HR Cream Gel Shadows (Too Cool and Tough As Taupe)

Here are two really good neutrals that you can add to your collection of cream shadows. Too Cool and Tough As Taupe.

I featured three shades in my initial post (click here). You have the plummy brown Pomegranate Punk, the silvery grey Audacious Asphalt and the beautiful bronze neutral Bad to the Bronze. If you like neutrals, Too Cool and Tough As Taupe will be right up your alley.

Too Cool looks scary white in the pot but remember that these can be applied sheerly and this white becomes practically transparent on my skin tone. I've found that a light layer topped with a satiny cream powder shadow becomes the ultimate highlight and opens up that lid area really nicely. I wore this under Burberry Pale Barley which is a light gold powder eye shadow it made the color pop beautifully. It was so simple and yet it was the perfect complement to the plummy red lip I wore that night.

Swatches in sunlight from left: Tough As Taupe opaque, sheer, Too Cool Opaque, sheer

Same swatches diffused flash (no direct light)

If you look really good in taupe eyeshadow, Tough As Taupe has been very popular. It seems to be the one shade that becomes out of stock really quickly wherever I go. The Target that I go to has restocked the color on the shelves but I wouldn't be surprised if they disappear in a day. One reason why this one is very popular could be that it's the one shade in the collection that isn't shimmery. I love a good taupe but this worried me at first. Swatching Tough As Taupe, it looked like a flat brownish grey shade. But therein lies the versatility of the color. If you want to create depth, this is the key. And again, application can be sheer or heavy. I'd start with sheer layers and add on as necessary. I've heard a few complaints about this particular shade being more prone to creasing but personally, I haven't had that problem with any of the 5 shades that I have. Love them!

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