Friday, February 10, 2012

Laura Mercier Nail Lacquer in Oh La La (+5 color preview)

Today I'm wearing Oh La La, one of 5 new nail colors by Laura Mercier. I swung by the counter last Wednesday and put one color on each finger and walked around with my rainbow nails before deciding on low maintenance sheer pink for some instant gratification. If you're looking for a milky pink, Oh La La is a good choice.

I was initially very much attracted by the peachy coral Cabana, which I think looked nice on my skin tone and I think that's going to be my next purchase. I was also surprised by how opaque the bright orange Sizzle looked but I opted to wait since it didn't seem appropriate to have such a bright shade on when it had just started snowing outside. Not like I'm baring my toes anytime soon.

Single coat, shades from left: Sizzle, Cabana, Oh La La, Flamingo and Luscious

The other two shades I tested were the medium pink Flamingo and the hot fuschia Luscious. Personally, I think Cabana and Sizzle are the best picks from this bunch because they apply really well. Oh La La fell into that trap that many sheer polishes fall into, being slightly streaky on the initial coat. But with two coats, it evens out enough. In general, the Laura Mercier Nail Lacquer formula is pretty good. It applies nicely, dries quickly and lasts a few days even without a top coat. Just to prove my point, I put on one coat each of the five colors (as shown above) at the counter and about 15-30 minutes later I washed my hands thoroughly and applied Eucerin which is a very thick moisturizing cream. Then I proceeded to rub the lotion off my nails with a towel. I mean seriously rubbed, because Eucerin sticks like crazy to everything and leaves a white residue. The polish did not budge. I was impressed enough to put on a fresh coat the next day over some Zoya Anchor Base Coat and not bother with top coat. Today, the polish looks fresh as ever.

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