Thursday, February 23, 2012

Laura Mercier Nail Lacquer in Cabana

I've finally gotten around to putting on Cabana which I've already shown a couple of times on this blog. First, when I reviewed Oh La La, one of 5 new shades of Nail Lacquer from Laura Mercier, released alongside Cabana. Second, on the color wheel, when I reviewed Chanel's Distraction.

Cabana is a sweet coral with a non-shimmer finish. I want to say cream finish but it feels less opaque than most creams and is almost translucent. Kind of like jelly. I was very much drawn to it upon initial application, not having seen Chanel's Distraction yet at the time.

Clockwise from left: Essie Lion Around, OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy, LM Nude Peach, Chanel June, LM Oh La La, Maybelline Pink Burst, LM Cabana, Chanel Distraction, Revlon Demure, NARS Orgasm

When I applied Laura Mercier's Cabana and Chanel's Distraction next to each other on the color wheel, I was surprised at how similar the two were. They are so similar that there is really no need to have both in your collection. The difference is in the application. While the Laura Mercier Nail Lacquers have a pretty good formula, I would pay the additional $8 and buy Distraction which applies so nicely opaque in two coats. I had a harder time getting Cabana to even out on the nail. If budget were truly an issue, you may find a coral that you love among even less expensive brands. I have Revlon's Demure on the color wheel and it's a lighter version of the two but still utterly similar. Here's an even closer look at that wheel.

From left: LM Cabana, Chanel Distraction, Revlon Demure

Coral seems to be making an appearance in a big way this spring and you absolutely must try something in that color family for tips and toes. From the Laura Mercier Tres Chic Collection of Nail Lacquers, I still think that Cabana is the standout.

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