Wednesday, February 1, 2012

JK Jemma Kidd i-style Pro Duo Eyeshadow (all shades)

I talked about these JK Jemma Kidd eyeshadow duos briefly in a short blurb at the bottom of Monday's post. I had gone to Target over the weekend and bought the duo Boho. After a little bit of use, I decided that its sister shades were definitely worth checking out.

Capri, Boho and Chic are the only three available and I think that they've covered the classic spectrum of neutrals: cream and taupe, bronze and gold, pink and grey. Setting them side by side, you'll figure out that Capri is the cream and taupe combo and Boho is the gold and bronze. Chic, to be more precise, is a pink champagne and a silvery blue grey. All shades have shimmer. It's not intense shimmer but it's there.




These are lovely if you like the natural look but they can be layered with cream products to create more saturated color. My initial swatches were done lightly on bare skin and the colors were not impressive. Applying them on the lid, I've found that they really need to be used with a primer. The colors popped and they adhered well to the lid once I'd applied a base. Yet they remained smooth, layerable and blendable. You could do a wash with the lighter shade and put the darker one in the crease, as most would do with a duo. Or you could do a single shadow shade for the lid and use the darker color as a liner or just on that outer corner. These are fine to use wet or dry. Personally, I find it best to use them dry but with a primer product or a cream shadow underneath.

From left: Capri Duo, Boho Duo, Chic Duo

Same swatches in sunlight (click to enlarge)

I've had good experiences with the brand's eyeshadows in the past (see here and here) but feel a little awkward about paying top dollar for something I can buy at a Target. I don't balk at $22 singles at the department store but this is supposed to be a budget line. I feel pain shelling out $18 for a duo, even if it's a designer collaboration. When they go on clearance, everything changes. My store has these at half off right now ($9 apiece) and if they don't sell, they will go down to 70% off, putting them at par with brands like Maybelline and L'Oreal. That is not to say that it's not a good product and it doesn't necessarily mean that they will be discontinued either (I heard that these went down to $4.50 back in 2009 but I think that Target doesn't do 75% off anymore). Target has been carrying this line of makeup since September 2008 and I suspect they're clearing shelves to make room for more inventory. The backstage makeup kits are now 50% off ($17.50 I think). And if you have oily skin and you're in the market for a mattifying powder in a compact, two shades (mid and mid-dark) are now just $10 a pop. Mine below is in the shade Fair.

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