Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Guerlain Écrin 4 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette in 08 Les Perlés

I was, in a word, overwhelmed, by the release of these newer quads by Guerlain. What was it, nine? I think eight or nine quads went out with the launch last year and I found myself delaying and delaying a purchase because I simply couldn't make up my mind about which one to get. Did I want texture variance? Did I really want a palette of greens? Browns? A smoky eye palette perhaps? In the end, I thought I was being practical by picking out the palette with colors I thought I would use the most. I went with Les Perlés.

The premise of Les Perlés, as opposed to the other palettes, isn't a gradation of colors in a variety of finishes. All four shades in Les Perlés have the same shimmer finish. But the colors themselves seem to make sense named as such to represent the variety of pearls you will find in nature. The four shades, all shimmery: white, light pink, silver-grey-taupe and a dark, dull violet that has, for me, become the star selection of the four.

Before I go on about the colors themselves though, it would be good to note what your purchase would come with. Out of the box, you get the black velvet pouch. Everything is housed in a rectangular gold compact with a mirror. You also get a dual-ended applicator and a sheet of instructions for various looks that can be achieved with the palette.

It would be foolish to think that these three looks are all you can achieve with these four colors. Obviously, you can mix and match them with other eyeshadows that you have and there's no reason you can't just pick one color and have that as your look. Personally, these instructions never worked for me. To use the palette by itself, I have always ended up layering the shades literally one on top of the other. The result is always some variation of the grey-taupe-silver, perhaps made a little darker by the violet or lighter by the pink. I could never seem to get the proper light and shading achieved. Maybe because they all have a shimmer finish, it just isn't possible to do it without bringing in other eyeshadows.

If I were to do a one color look, I'd go with the violet. It's the darkest color among the four and really the only one that you couldn't pass of as a highlighter. If you're a fan of shimmer shadows, this is possibly somewhat of a lightweight for shimmers but you will like this palette. If you like dramatic color, I would skip it entirely.

At the current price point, Guerlain has certainly made this line of palettes a little more affordable than their 6 color palettes and anyone who would buy a Dior quint or a Chanel quad would find these in their price range. There are many colors to choose from and new releases pretty much every season. I am not particularly impressed by Guerlain's eyeshadow formula and colorwise, Les Perles feels somewhat ordinary. Perhaps after the laborious decision-making process involved in the purchase, I was looking for a superstar. It's nice but I'm not certain that I made the right choice.

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