Friday, February 17, 2012

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in Distraction

Chanel's little capsule collection for Valentine's, Roses Ultimes de Chanel, features four limited edition nail colors: a frosty white, a glittery sheer pink and a vibrant fuschia with a metallic finish but what caught my eye was the pretty coral. Distraction.

I'll be honest. I think that Distraction is quite aptly named. I'm wearing it and my eye just can't help but go to it every time. It is, in a word, distracting. Perhaps it's a little too early to actually wear it as it's a color that seems to announce that spring is just around the corner. No, check that. It says, spring is here! But it's not. Don't get me wrong, it's a very attractive coral shade. But I'll say, the longer I wear it, the more orange it feels. In which case, it feels more appropriate for the toes, in warmer weather. Nail color is a matter of preference, of course. I veer more towards nudes and the occasional dark for my hands. I generally prefer brights on toes.

From left: Pink Burst, Cabana, Distraction, Demure and Orgasm

Just to compare, I've set the bottle against the few corals I have in my collection and none of which are Chanel. The closest, it seems, is the new Laura Mercier nail colour in Cabana. On the nails though, I find that they are really not the same. I hope to get a chance to paint these on a color wheel to show the difference when I review Cabana. But to my eyes, two coats of Cabana appears a little less dense colorwise over two coats of Distraction. Cabana also leans more pink/peach, less orange. It's a gentler version of the color, which I think I might prefer on the hands over Distraction. (See color wheel.) Here's a closer picture of the bottles.

From left: LM Cabana, Chanel Distraction, Revlon Demure, NARS Orgasm

Clockwise from top: Essie Lion Around, OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy, LM Nude Peach, Chanel June, LM Oh La La, Maybelline Pink Burst, LM Cabana, Chanel Distraction, Revlon Demure, NARS Orgasm

With this white background, keep your eye on the bottom 5. Can you even tell which one is Distraction? Clearly count out NARS Orgasm and Maybelline Pink Burst and take the middle three for a closer look. I tried Laura Mercier's Cabana and Chanel's Distraction at the store and thought I saw a difference. But once I'd put them properly on the wheel and painted 2 full coats, the difference seemed much less. (Also see the review for Cabana here.) Even Revlon's Demure seems quite close once it's dried down. They vary in intensity. Demure is the palest of the three and leans a little peach/brown. Cabana comes in a close second, slightly more coral than Demure. Distraction is the most vibrant of the three and leans most orange. I mentioned a Neiman Marcus exclusive shade called Miami Peach in my post about Demure. That shade is probably as close as you'll get to Distraction within the Chanel line. But I'm working from memory. I don't have that one.

I've been wearing Distraction for days without a top coat and it still looks stellar. No fading and no chipping. There are a few scratches here and there but that's my fault for not putting on the top coat. If like me, you're not so into metallics or glitter and you like a bright color with a more creamy finish, Distraction is for you. It's not, by all means, a very unique color (again, see the wheel), but if your budget permits, it's a fantastic formula that I highly recommend.

UPDATE: 2/18/12: The review above has been edited slightly from the original post. I realized, as I drummed my fingers in the morning sun while waiting for Nordstrom to open this morning, that Distraction does in fact have a mild shimmer. The initial post said it had a cream finish. The shimmer, however, is extremely subtle that the effect is still more creamy than shimmery. The post has been corrected.

UPDATE 2/27/12: The link for Cabana has been added. If you missed it, read that review here.


  1. I'm so tempted to get this color because I love corals. However I've found Chanel polishes tend to chip on me quite a lot, so I'm still undecided!

  2. I'm sorry you have that experience with Chanel, Louise. Chanel polishes have always worn very well for me and that's probably why I keep buying them even if the price keeps going up. Did you have a look at Laura Mercier's Cabana? Maybe that formula will be better for you. They look pretty much the same.

  3. Dying to try Distraction its absolutely gorgeous!!