Monday, February 6, 2012

Burberry 'Lip Glow' Natural Lip Gloss

I've been hit with a little laziness when it comes to doing my eye makeup lately that I've turned to brighter lips to anchor my looks. I've talked about the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Unique as an alternative to red. Sheer, layerable, bright but not overbearing. I've found another endearing way to get that lip in one of Burberry's lip glosses for Spring/Summer 2012.

The two shades featured are No. 13 Hibiscus and No. 14 Nude Rose. The texture is very smooth and not at all sticky. It's very nice to apply and feels wonderful on the lips. These glosses are scented. It's the same scent that they use in the powder products and the lipsticks but I like it best on this gloss. It's rosy and sweet.

Left: Hibiscus, Right: Nude Rose

Nude Rose looked like a pretty peach in the tube but was disappointingly sheer on my lips. Sheer like nothing. No color, just a little shine. Perhaps in line with the philosphy of the brand, this color will give you that au naturel look. But Hibiscus was another story entirely. Like a dark red with a hint of pink in the tube, it sheers out to a pretty pink-red on my lips. Perhaps not exactly the color of the hibiscus flowers that littered my mom's garden when I was growing up but a more wearable take on the magenta and pink petals of its namesake. Since it has no shimmer, it's more believeable and possibly even natural-looking on certain skin tones.

The only problem with a color like Hibiscus is that you need to be careful how you put it on as it can look uneven. Applied right, it can give your lips a lovely, just ate cherries look. You can also manipulate this color to different effects. A nude lipliner applied all over the lips mutes the color just enough for those afraid of brights. You can also use it on top of a lipstick color that's a little too nude for your taste and brighten it up. If you use a very dark color underneath, it gives dimension and shine. Or you can simply mix it in with a lighter gloss or something with a sparkly finish like Dior's very sheer Party Lilac and come up with a very personal combination. I've done all of the above. Each way, it works for me. I've also found that a good way to keep the color from spilling out to the sides of the lips is to use a clear lip pencil such as the Make Up For Ever Lip Line Perfector. Applying this outside your lip line ensures that the color won't bleed. This is especially useful when wearing dark lip colors.

As far as longevity goes, the Burberry Lip Glosses don't last as long as some other glosses that I have in my collection. It has average to short wear time in my opinion. Reapplication will be necessary after food or drink. But it's something I'm willing to overlook if I love the color. To Hibiscus, I say yes.

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