Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tocca Yma and L'Occitane Green Tea Scented Candle

Despite plenty of holiday offerings in candle land, I try to resist the urge to buy scented candles to use around the house until they go on sale. This January, I chanced upon a Tocca display gathering dust at my favorite Sephora. My favorite scent from the line (of candles) is Yma, a combination of Peruvian guava fruit and red currant. Sephora didn't seem to have them online anymore but the store had about 5 boxes. I picked up one box (one candle) and was I ever surprised that it rung up $19 as these are normally $36. I grabbed another one.

Tocca candles like these have an approximate burning time of 60 hours. I've heard that the candles now come in frosted glass as opposed to the clear one you see here. However, overall, they still look very similar to this one and I imagine that the scent is as beautiful as ever. These burn nicely and fill your home with a delicious fragrance quickly. For kitchen use, my favorite is Sofia.

L'Occitane also had a sale at their King of Prussia store and I took the opportunity to grab a few Green Tea Scented Candles. These smell somewhat powdery to me, not so much Green Tea. I do like them for bed and bath though. The tin is a lot smaller than the Tocca candles I usually buy but I like that it is lidded. At least that means I can "turn off" the scent if the bathroom already smells good. $13.30 apiece (additional discounts may be available).

The approximate burn time for this size candle is 20 hours. What's your favorite candle?

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