Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rouge Dior Lipcolor in Pisanelle Pink

I have a soft spot for neutral lipcolor and a beige pink usually tops my list. This fits right in the category, the Rouge Dior Lipcolor in Pisanelle Pink.

The color is described as a mauve beige pink. I think that's fairly accurate but definitely less mauve, more beige pink. It's one of four lipsticks originally released in the fall and one of the only two that I saw at Sephora.

For me, the color is an easy pick. It's unobtrusive, never distracting. Yet it gives my lips that soft coat of color that makes it look creamy and not too shiny.

This lipstick sits at my desk amongst a slew of colors I regularly wear. It's probably a little lighter than some of the other neutrals in my stash but it is by no means a true nude. It is, after all, pink. If you like pink and you like the Rouge Dior formula, then Pisanelle Pink is a no-brainer.

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