Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24HR Cream Gel Shadows (Pomegranate Punk, Audacious Asphalt and Bad to the Bronze)

These days, I've been completely sidetracked by a couple of drugstore finds. While I sort out my love-hate relationship with the L'Oreal Infallible Eye Shadows, let me tell you about Maybelline's answer to the Paint Pot.

Maybelline has been getting raves for this new cream eyeshadow in a pot. The Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24HR Cream Gel Shadows come in 10 shades and the company claims that it gives saturated color that doesn't fade or crease. It's supposed to last all 24 hours of the day looking basically like you just put it on.

My first impression? Definitely Paint Pot. Open it up and it looks just like a MAC Paint Pot but for a fraction of the price. Texture? Creamy. Just like a Paint Pot. It's smooth and it makes a pretty good eyeshadow base.

People use cream formulas differently. Personally, I have an issue with blending out creams. I just never get the kind of light and shading that I want when using cream with cream. I reach for cream formulas as base products and then I put powder shadow on top. However, when I tested Pomegranate Punk, I wanted to try if this formula was any good at blending with other creams and how long it would take to dry before becoming unblendable.

From left: Pomegranate Punk, sheered out, Audacious Asphalt, sheered out

Let me put it this way. I could blend it on top of another cream shadow and also under it but Pomegranate Punk sheers out a lot when you start blending that it doesn't work out very well to give depth to my crease area. I swatched it heavily and got this beautiful maroon-brown shade but once sheered out, it looked different. Somehow, I feel that the formula is best used one shade at a time or blended on top of each other in sheer layers. Maybe I needed to add more layers to get to the intensity of the swatch above but I never got there.

Audacious Asphalt

The other shade in the swatch is Audacious Asphalt. I picked it up because I've been looking for a nice gunmetal base that doesn't lean in any other direction but grey or silver. I'm not disappointed in the color. I think it's just what I've been looking for.

Bad to the Bronze seemed to be out of stock at every Target I went to so I got it later in the game. I didn't want to get it anywhere else because Target seemed to sell them for less ($5.99 each). I was finally able to grab one yesterday and I was very happy. I did worry that the shade would be similar to other cream shadows that I have but this wasn't the case at all. I suspect that it's popular because it would make a nice lid wash, especially if you're more golden-toned. It would be so easy to use up the pot if you use this as your everyday color. It might be sheered out enough to use as a highlighter elsewhere on the face too.

Bad to the Bronze

I want to be realistic about the swatches and mimic how I use these colors. Heavy swatches like the one I initially put out are overwhelming and even sheered out, it still felt like it was more color than I normally get on my lid. I had used a sponge-tip eyeshadow applicator to do those. So swatching them again this morning, I simply took a tiny piece with a spatula and applied it to the skin and spread it out with my finger. It sheers out, just as it would on your eyelid and the three shades I have opened up look like the picture below.

From left: Bad to the Bronze, Pomegranate Punk and Audacious Asphalt

I've been trying to take pictures of swatches in natural light whenever possible as flash can alter the shade a little sometimes. So these are as natural as the swatches will get. It's rainy and cloudy but I get enough natural light in my photo room to get these done.

Overall, I'm impressed that Maybelline has finally come out with something I'm quite satisfied with. It's definitely the money-savers Paint Pot and anybody who loves cream shadow will be happy to grab a few of these. Why not when it's a third of the price of a MAC Paint Pot. I haven't had a chance to wear one for 24 hours but for however long my days go (in excess of 8 hours for sure), I haven't had any problems with these at all. 12 hours, no creasing. It really does make a good base.

If I had any complaints, I suppose I would have preferred a wider or simply a different color selection. I have no use for a bright orange or purple or even a teal shade. I see some non-metallics like Tough As Taupe and there's the white Too Cool but I would have liked to see shades that would be the equivalent of MAC Painterly or Rubenesque. And the verdict's still out on how long the product will keep its consistency for. Hopefully they don't dry out quickly.

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