Friday, January 6, 2012

Laura Mercier Petite Eye Colour Trio in Smoky Mauves

The name says it all. Laura Mercier Petite Eye Colour Trio. This petite threesome, 3.25 inches in length, 1.25 inches in width and barely half an inch thick packs almost weightless into your travel pouch or purse. It could easily disappear among the grander holiday offerings from the brand but I opted to grab this instead of the bigger eyeshadow palettes precisely because of its size and its lower cost.

I'll be honest. $25 seems a lot for such a small amount of product. If it was priced at $10-15, I would have picked up all three trios. You get three colors in the Smoky Mauves trio: Kir Royal, Wisteria and Sparkling Dew. Think of it as a sampler. If you reach for it enough to use it up, then $25 isn't a waste.

I was initially disappointed because pigmentation seemed very poor when swatched. But I have to admit, it is this low pigmentation that makes this much easier for the novice to use. Building color to a certain intensity is a lot easier than trying to correct the colors when they're too dark. And using this has been delightfully easy. It's actually tempting to reach for it on a daily basis. It looks natural (because to apply it to a level that doesn't look natural is going to take a lot of patience) and pretty when on.

From left: Kir Royal, Wisteria, Sparkling Dew

Generally, I start with a good primer and then apply Sparkling Dew under the browbone, moving the brush down into the lid. Next, I go in with Kir Royal on the outer corner, sweeping up into the crease. Once satisfied with the color, I reach for Wisteria. I start applying color from the center of the lid moving down, then I go into the inner corner and sweep across the lid and past the center, to blend in with Kir Royal. It's my everyday formula and it works with many combinations of light and dark.

The colors aren't completely unique and I'm sure you can find a similar set among less expensive brands. However, I'm really quite happy with this trio. Smoky Mauves. There's something about it. I like it. But hey, that's me.

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