Monday, January 9, 2012

Laura Mercier Nail Lacquer in Twilight

Oh, Monday. I realize today that there are a number of pretty good products from last year (fall and holiday) that I haven't gotten around to reviewing. While I'm busy testing more spring offerings, I hope you'll allow me to get them out of the way before we proceed with the sunnier colors.

Does anyone remember that Laura Mercier has released nail polish before? I have two shades from those days and am happy to see another addition. I think this means we're going to see more in the future. This is Twilight.

Twilight is a dark violet with shimmer. For the picture above, I used a Zoya base and top coat and shot in natural light. I know that you can't see the shimmer at all. I tried to capture it but it only comes out when I use the camera's built-in flash and it looks like the picture below. For that picture, I used a shinier top coat (CND) which looks a lot better with this color. Twilight goes well with the plums that I seem to wear a lot this winter.

I haven't had a problem with wear or application. It goes on evenly and you can get a decent opacity in two coats, which is all I require. I generally don't wear polish for more than 3 days. I tend to remove and reapply. This remained chip-free all throughout although it doesn't hold shine very well. I almost wonder if this would have worked out better with a mattifying top coat. I didn't try it but I do like the color enough to wear it time and again. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more colors from the line.

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