Friday, January 13, 2012

Laura Mercier Lip Shine in Naked Apricot and Tempting Coral

The Laura Mercier Lip Shine is basically gloss in a pot. They're not known for depositing much color on the lips but they do well to create shine. The Lingerie Collection for spring 2012 comes with two brand new shades: Tempting Coral and Naked Apricot.

The texture isn't too sticky so it's comfortable to apply. I apply generously all over the lips. Worn alone, they last about as long as any gloss I'd wear. I can't not drink something for more than 3 hours so I don't find fault with glosses if they start to wear off when I touch my lips to something. I don't expect them to last all day. That said, it's nice to see the effect that these have on top of lipstick. Tempting Coral has some gold shimmer that enhances the shine.

Worn without lipstick, it does not give my lips too much color but brightens it and adds a shiny golden tint of red. This works for me as I would rarely have use for a bold and opaque red shade. In the picture below, I wore Tempting Coral by itself. I think it's very flattering on.

I've tried mixing the two shades as well and Naked Apricot mutes the color just a smidge. Naked Apricot by itself is almost a bare shade. Swatched thickly below, you get a better sense of the colors but remember that they'll sheer out a lot when you pop them on.

Tempting Coral on left, Naked Apricot on right

In the swatches below, I reapplied the Lip Shines and sheered them out. I've also added the swatch for Crystal Pink, which may have been the first Lip Shine to come out in the past (late 2009 perhaps?). It is still available on the brand's website.

From left: Tempting Coral, Naked Apricot, Crystal Pink

The Laura Mercier Lip Shine comes in a .14 oz. pot and should be available at Laura Mercier counters everywhere.

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