Thursday, January 12, 2012

Laura Mercier Lingerie Collection Eye and Cheek Palette

Tough call this week. I was trying to decide whether to put out the swatches of the Urban Decay Naked2 Palette or the Laura Mercier Lingerie Eye and Cheek Palette (lingerie or no lingerie, is that the question?). Only because there seems to be much more information about UD's palette and yet I haven't actually seen it in the store, I decided to feature products from the Spring 2012 Lingerie Collection of Laura Mercier instead.

It's an 8-piece collection of old and new products and I've picked out what I think are the most interesting items from the new bunch. I have the two lip shines, Tempting Coral and Naked Apricot and the Eye and Cheek Palette, which is the centerpiece of the collection.

Let's talk about this pretty palette. It features 6 eyeshadows and 2 blushes. Some of the eyeshadow shades can be purchased as singles, like African Violet and Black Plum, or they can be found amongst previous palettes from the brand. The rest are exclusive to this palette (as per manufacturer) although I don't think that they would be too hard to match within the brand, if one simply preferred singles.

Buff Pearl (top left) and African Violet (middle right) are luster shades. Tawny Apricot (middle left) is a sateen that falls somewhere between peach and beige. Rich Cocoa (bottom left), Pale Pink (top right) and Black Plum (bottom right) are mattes.

One of the things I appreciate about the selection is the variety of finishes. Half of them are matte, which I've also found to be a rarity in palettes these days. You can mix and match the shades and finishes and come up with several unique looks.

From left: Buff Pearl, Tawny Apricot, Rich Cocoa, Pale Pink, African Violet, Black Plum

Lately, there's been a lot of question regarding the pigmentation of Laura Mercier eyeshadows. If you see my swatches, I think you'll agree that there is no lack here. I used a sponge tip applicator and swiped it only 2 times for each color. If anything, I think that what matters is your base. I tend to use eye primer whenever I use eyeshadow and I adjust my layers according to whether or not I want the look to be heavy or soft. The brushes used will also determine how heavy the colors will go on. These eyeshadows work well no matter how I choose to use them. Rich Cocoa and Black Plum, in particular, are very heavy in pigment that they can be used as liner or definer (to create depth in certain areas) very easily.

Same swatches, Natural Light, No flash

To me, African Violet and Tawny Apricot anchor the looks in this palette. African Violet is a stellar shade. It's fascinating how it can look purple in the pan, yet coppery in the sun, even pink on my lid when mixed with Tawny Apricot. It mixes incredibly well with browns but sat perfectly pretty with Black Plum as well. I imagine creating every look around African Violet. To see more of this shade, click here.

Left: Rose Desire, Right: Fresh Peach

The cheek colors in the palette are Rose Desire and Fresh Peach. Neither of these shades can be found in the regular lineup of Laura Mercier blushes but I think that with a pink and a peach, you've mostly covered what you need to create romantic looks that go with the eyeshadow colors in the palette. I personally prefer to mix the shades and it creates a livening shade of pink peach that looks very subtle and pretty on.

As a collection, I think that the colors are simply classic Laura Mercier. They will look natural and pretty, never overdone. The palette is easy to overlook because of the softness or perhaps the lack of va-va-voom in the eyeshadow colors but it is probably my favorite combination palette from the brand to date. It is similar in concept to the Polished Face Palette from 2 years ago (pictured below). Same size, similar sturdy compact but this time without the lip colors. I've found that it is even more similar to the First Blush Palette from 2009 which I don't have. But Kari at has information and a picture of that palette. Click here. Tawny Apricot is in it too.

Laura Mercier Polished Face Palette 2010

Travel-friendly and also good for everyday, the new Eye and Cheek Palette ($60) from the Lingerie Collection is now available at Laura Mercier counters and online. Also included are the sheer lip colours Nude Lips and Baby Lips, one new/limited edition shade Kissed Lips, Creme Cheek Colours in Innocent Peach and Oleander. Watch out for the feature on the Tempting Coral and Naked Apricot Lip Shines tomorrow.

Laura Mercier Lingerie Collection Eye and Cheek Palette and Lip Shines


  1. Thanks for posting! Have been enjoying this palette. I thought the blushes would be to sheer , but I do love the natural flush they give. So glad I bought it!

  2. That's awesome! It's wonderful to know that someone else is enjoying it :)

  3. Thanks for this post - considering purchasing this from Sephora - this was really helpful.