Monday, January 23, 2012

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer - Radiance

My favorite primer is made by Laura Mercier. The Hydrating formula is the gold standard for me. It's especially perfect in the winter when I take all the additional layers of moisture I can get. But I couldn't resist the new primer on the block, the Radiance formula which came highly recommended by my favorite associate.

Primer, like most makeup, is a personal preference. Some people don't bother with it and that's fine but I truly believe that it helps keep your flawless look together. What is a primer supposed to be for anyway? I like it for the smoothing benefits to my face. It helps the foundation glide on effortlessly and keeps it fresher, longer.

Putting this primer to the test, I've found that it is basically a highlighting fluid. I wasn't in the market for a liquid highlighter but I liked the kind of ethereal finish that it provided. While it does not seem colorless when it comes out of the tube, once applied and spread, it disappears, leaving just the pearl tint. Translation: a glow.

Left: Applied on clean, dry skin    Right: Spread evenly over skin

So what is this Radiance primer good for? 1) You can use it as your regular primer. You apply it all over your face after moisturizer and before foundation for that lit from within effect.

2) You can use it as you would any highlighting fluid. For me, that's three ways right there. It means I can add it on top of my foundation on just the areas I want to highlight. It means I can mix it with my foundation to brighten it and give it a luminous finish. It also means I can use it as primer (*see number 1) before I put on a cream foundation.

The Radiance primer fulfills what I used to use the Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer for but it works better because the tint is just pearl. It is virtually colorless. It mixes in with any liquid product, regardless of brand, without changing its color. If the skin is in good shape, you could mix this, moderate to sparingly, with a favorite moisturizer and skip foundation. It gives a bare-faced but radiant finish. It does not offer coverage. That's the job of your foundation. But you'll see a difference. I start with a pea-sized drop added to a dollop of moisturizer. The wattage is up to you. Mixed with foundation, I'd do the pea-sized drop with two pumps of Chanel Perfection Lumiere and that's more than enough for my entire face. In a way that's completely hard to articulate, everything I add it to looks better on.

If you use a cream formula such as Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Foundation you may find it impossible to mix a fluid in because of the thicker consistency of the foundation. When I use that, I apply the Radiance primer as the base and then I put on the cream foundation and I get a nice, dewy finish.

My current routine typically has me using the Hydrating primer as a base and the mixing the Radiance primer with my liquid foundation. It's a really pretty winter combo that will address the look of dullness.  If that's what you're looking for, this is the ticket.

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