Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dior Scented Nail Polish in Forget-Me-Not (694)

I want to start off by saying that this is officially the first time I'm using Dior polish. The color 694 Forget-Me-Not, comes off as a dusty violet. It appears lighter when under bright lights and looks really nice when super shiny.

It's interesting, although not quite the lilac I had hoped it would be. The scent is rosy and after three days of having it on, I can still smell it. This is probably strange to hear, but what this immediately reminded me of was a rosary my grandmother gave me as a kid. It had those rose beads that smelled like, well, roses. So for the garden party theme, this is dead on.

The brush feels much stiffer than a lot of brushes I've used and seems to benefit from sweeping very lightly across the nail. The tip is shaped like a pointy semi-circle which should work extremely well if your nail bed is pointy like that. Mine is wider so this pointiness does not add anything as far as ease of use goes. A standard brush works fine by me.

Application was not an issue. It looked completely opaque in two coats. The polish itself feels like it's on the thick side and you can definitely smell those roses. If like me, you've never bought Dior Nail Polish before, you'd be glad to know that the squarish silver cap comes off to reveal a small black handle that is rounded. Makes application easier than the square cap would suggest. Wear time seems pretty good. Except for very mild tip wear, I haven't had a chip in three days.

To see more of Dior's Garden Party Collection, you can click here. You will find the swatches for all the lipcolors and glosses on that link. More pictures of the lipsticks and a review coming tomorrow.

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