Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dior Garden Party Collection - Spring 2012 Lipcolors and Glosses

Happy New Year!

I didn't want to start off 2012 without a post or simply say Happy New Year and not show anything. So why not start off with something absolutely new? Dior's Garden Party Collection for Spring 2012.

These are all the lipcolors in Dior's Spring 2012 makeup collection. I think I'm missing a gloss that's a exclusive but the goal wasn't really to buy the entire collection. I was in the mood for these shades, for some reason. I grabbed one scented nailpolish too.

I had recently bought a scarf with all the same lovely colors from the collection and it made total sense. It matches the spring pastels off the runways. My first impression is that it's a very attractive set of floral colors. Although there are a number of eyeshadow palettes to match, I had just splurged on Chanel's Eclosion Quad and I wanted to see the eyeshadows in person before I bought anything.

The glosses are very sheer. They're different from each other in finish (one pearl and one glow), one with sparkles and the other without. Party Lilac is a glittery lilac pink and Pretty Rose is a cream peach. These will look nice on top of lipstick but will not translate as much color without a base. I used a nude lipliner with both and it came off very natural-looking. I also sense a lip-plumping action and a slight mintiness when I have these glosses on. It is perhaps more evident in Party Lilac but that could just be my imagination.

Pretty Rose on left, Party Lilac on right

Party Lilac above

Pretty Rose above

I have swatched all the colors in full sun and without sun but I haven't had the time to photograph the lipsticks worn. There'll be a repost with more pictures of the lipsticks in the future. The nailpolish is swatched here.

In full sun from left: Tulip Pink, Corolle Pink, Party Lilac, Pretty Rose

No sun, from left: Tulip Pink, Corolle Pink, Lilac Pink, Pretty Rose

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  1. Thanks for the beautiful swatches. The lipsticks look quite nice for spring.