Thursday, January 26, 2012

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Unique

This was supposed to be a review of the Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Perle lipstick number 113 - Iridescent Burgundy. I had gone to a counter to look at the 4 shades released for spring (also included 114 Sparkling Fuschia, 115 Shimmering Coral and 116 Milky Pink) and decided to purchase 113. However, the associate gave me the wrong lipstick and I only noticed it when I got home. This made me think that perhaps Iridescent Burgundy was not for me. Perusing Chanel, I instead found a Rouge Coco Shine that was perfect for my needs.

I have written a number of Rouge Coco Shine reviews, for shades Boy, Elise, Biarritz, Evasion and Bel Ami. I also have a whole slew of swatches, including some other shades in another post (see here). I like this formula a lot. It's very smooth to apply and moisturizing on the lips. I love a good pigmented lipstick but for daily use, sheerer formulas seem easier to mix and match. I also like lipsticks that come off completely when you want to remove them (no stain left behind) and I don't mind reapplying a number of times during the day. It looks like a lipstick but applies more like a balm and has the finish of a gloss. I don't expect 8 hours of wear and it's not going to give you anywhere near that.

Because the formula is sheer, this is one lipstick that makes me feel safer about going into bold color territory. I just bought a red dress and I want to wear it next week. My favorite Bel Ami, on the left, felt a tad too brown for it and Elise was perhaps a little bit too rosy/berry. I wanted something more burgundy (which was why I thought about getting the YSL) or perhaps a plummy red. After much deliberation, I ended up taking home the shade Unique. See the swatches below for comparison with Bel Ami and Elise. I have taken the pictures in 3 kinds of lighting if that helps. Elise, on the right, comes close but doesn't have as much depth when on. Bonheur (not pictured) is also in the same family.

Swatches with indirect flash from left: Bel Ami, Unique, Elise

From left: Bel Ami, Unique, Elise

Natural light, no flash from left: Bel Ami, Unique and Elise

I don't know how unique the shade is or why it is named so. Chanel describes it as a sparkling plum. I wasn't going to get a full on bright red like Monte Carlo. I tried it but couldn't get used to seeing myself in it. Unique felt comfortable. It's a plum with a little shimmer and it complements the kind of red that my dress is.

Unique, in the shade

I wouldn't define myself as color-shy but I rarely wear a bold lip. Although I own deeper, darker, more opaque red shades, I wanted something more subtle for the occasion I was headed to. Though I imagine that my mom would wear Unique as an everyday lipstick. The color would suit her golden complexion and liven up her face. She could pull off a purple smoky eye but a cheery lip and perfect brows was her lazy day alternative. Of Unique, I think she would approve.

This post is a tribute to my mother, who had she lived into this decade, would have been 69 today. Happy Birthday, Mom.

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