Monday, January 30, 2012

Chanel Long Lasting Eyeliner in Grenat

The Chanel counter that I frequently browse has a problem. No, there's nothing wrong with the counter itself but it happens a lot that when I look for the tester of a certain item, I am told, oh we don't have one. The reason? Someone must have stolen it. And they're dead serious when they say this. People steal testers. Sad but true and kind of gross. But in the case of the Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long Lasting Eyeliner in Grenat, I was told that they simply never received the tester. That being so, the associates don't seem especially inclined to push the item and I had to specifically ask them to pull one out for me. They had tons in stock, of course.

The shade looked like it was going to be a lovely wine color and I wanted it as an accent over my regular black liner. Swatching Grenat on my arm at home, the color turned out to be more burgundy brown. It looks very much like the darkest shade in the Eclosion quad that came out in the same collection. But I've found that I could also use it with the Vanites quad and I think it complements the bottom right shade in it rather nicely.

On a different note, I was at Target over the weekend, just browsing. Some of the JK Jemma Kidd items were already on clearance. I'd looked that display over a number of times in the past but didn't find anything particularly interesting. Last night, however, I had the compulsion to pick up the i-style Pro Duo in Boho. It looked like a really soft golden wheat and brown combo. It helped that it was marked down to $9 (50% off). Your store may even have it for less.

Swatches applied lightly with no primer

For better swatches and pictures of all the shades of this line of duos, click here.

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