Sunday, January 15, 2012

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in April May and June

Look at these candy colors out for spring! Chanel's threesome of April, May and June proved irresistible once I'd seen them in person.

April is red with a slight pinkish tinge. I'd call it raspberryish if that was a word. Two coats rendered it so opaque though. Wearing it, I felt like it was full on red. Red and flattering.

I visited the counter thinking I'd pick up the pink May but it proved to be the least interesting shade to me once I'd put them on. It's a sweet color that doesn't pack much of a punch but I can see people buying it simply because it's pink and it appeals to the conservative in me.

My husband wasn't too hot about the melon-apricot that was June (but he liked Dior's Forget-Me-Not!). Personally, I didn't think I was going to buy this one but after I'd tried it on, I was actually impressed at how decently opaque it got in two coats and it felt like a more lively alternative to a beige or a turned down substitute for orange. I might like this even better in the summer.

As far as wear goes, I haven't really had many problems with Chanel nail color in general. These three are no exception. They apply very smoothly and are wonderfully opaque in two coats. I like the creamy colors (not really a fan of frost, you see) and they turn out pretty shiny even before the top coat goes on. I've been disappointed by colors like these that turned out to be too sheer once you've put them on (like Morning Rose). But barring the $26 price tag, these three little sweeties for spring are perfect.

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