Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Burberry Sheer Eye Shadow in Pale Barley

For Spring/Summer 2012, Burberry released a new eye shadow called Pale Barley. I'm almost embarrassed to admit, having been born and raised in the city, that I wasn't sure what color barley is supposed to be. I took the cue from Sting's Fields of Gold, which is the only thing I can think of that makes mention of barley, and surmised that I was expecting a gold shade when I ordered Pale Barley. Or perhaps it will be the color of a light beer, because isn't beer made of barley? So when it arrived, I was a little surprised. It looked a lot more brown in the pan than I was expecting.

Upon application, I discovered that the shade is less brown than it looks and more golden, making the name completely appropriate. The color itself fits in perfectly with the Burberry aesthetic, and promises to sink right in with my collection of browns, golds and taupes.

Pale Barley in the sun
From left: Trench, Pale Barley, Rosewood

I have only two other Burberry eyeshadows and they are among the more used singles that I have in my collection. I have Trench, which is my favorite highlight shade and Rosewood, which is a taupe that I reach for when I'm too lazy to think about what eye makeup to do. Pale Barley, in color, falls nicely in between. Not nearly as dark as Rosewood but with more color than Trench. The texture is the same as the other Burberry shadows. It's silky and nicely pigmented. I definitely like this formula.

From left: Rajasthan, Pale Barley, Bamboo, Wheat

I thought that Pale Barley reminded me of certain colors but I was relieved and amazed that I could find absolutely nothing that looked just like it. That JK Jemma Kidd duo I bought over the weekend seemed like it could be a dupe but the light side didn't look the same at all. I tried Laura Mercier's Bamboo and the light side of the NARS Rajasthan duo and both shades were definitely more brown than Pale Barley. So I went with golds and beiges and pulled out Stila Wheat which turned out to be lighter. I even went so far as to compare with non-powder eyeshadows and compared it to the Laura Mercier Metallic Creme Eye Color in Gold and Gold actually looked a tad more brown next to it. Gold is a taupey gold shade. The closest I came to getting the color of Pale Barley was by mixing two Chanel Fluid Iridescent Eyeshadows, the shades Sand 60 and Delta 90. You could say that Pale Barley comes somewhere in between but mixing doesn't consistently generate a perfect match. Props to Burberry for coming up with a beautiful and unique neutral shade.

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