Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Vacation Discovery - Basin

Vacations are a great way to discover new brands. I'm all about the hunt. Walking into a store I've never seen before, perhaps of a brand I'm familiar with or like Basin, something I've never quite heard of, ever. As we strolled Downtown Disney night after night (dinner at the Wolfgang Puck Cafe had become a ritual), I would pass this Basin store which sold all sorts of bath products. A cacophony of scents wafts thru the air as you pass outside and I'm inevitably drawn in by a display of jars which I later learned contained soy wax beads that you can make into a custom candle.

As I left my husband to make a phone call outside the store, my daughter and I sauntered in to peruse bath bombs and fragrant soaps. My daughter has severe eczema on her hands so I'm always on the lookout for extra strength hand creams and body lotions that aren't heavily perfumed. We jumped at the chance to check out some incredibly creamy body butters. Although they had one variety that was fragrance free, I decided that I preferred a mild Lavender to take home with me.

Off to the checkout counters we went and naturally, I grabbed a tube of lip balm. Vanilla seemed like a safe bet. While there, I was trying to decide whether or not to go for the soy candles but my daughter needed to go (and when they say they have to go, you need to listen) so I rung up and walked out of there. After I'd taken her, I left her with my husband and went back to Basin to see about that soy candle.

The process goes a little something like this. An associate hands you a container with a wick and you go around the jars, smelling each scent. At the store, you can pick as many scents as you want to put into the container. I went online and noticed that although they offered the custom candles for the same price as in the store, you can only select up to three scents to put in each candle. I suppose that's sufficient to create a favorite combination but I relished the experience of putting it together in the store myself, deciding how to layer them and adding a couple of other scents.

I layered on a vanilla base, added some strawberry cream, a layer of lovely lavender, then something they call "pink petals" which reminds me of Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea and interspersed a little more vanilla between the other scents. I topped it with a hint of citrus (lemon) to lend it a fresh burst upon initial lighting.

You could create three custom candles for $35 and save a little bit but I've never tried these before so I only got one. When you're done, you hand the candle back to the associate who wraps it up in clear plastic and ties it with some ribbon to close. Then they hand you a sheet with instructions:

 I have yet to light it up but I like the way it looks!

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