Thursday, December 29, 2011

Useful Eye Makeup Travel Tools

Going away for the New Year? Here are some makeup brushes you might want to consider bringing along.

That's the set I used on our last vacation. They're not all from one particular set of travel brushes but an amalgamation of brushes I've put together from various sets I've acquired through the years. It's hard to recommend the perfect travel brush set, if only because people's preferences are all different and your needs for each trip could be different. For this trip, although I packed a foundation brush, I never used it so it's not in this picture. The Chanel powder brush above, from the 2009 Les Minis set, is one I often bring for travelling although I may yet replace it if I find the budget to get the 2011 Les Minis de Chanel Brush Set. I use it as an all-over powder brush. I showed the Sephora set (you can see what's in the case if click you here) only because I carry it in my purse for touch ups. I took along my Laura Mercier Eyelash Curler too but I'll be talking about that tomorrow.

For pictures, I always feel the need to play up my eyes because they're small and they tend to disappear in pictures if I don't wear any eye makeup. A little effort makes a marked difference in that aspect and here are the tools responsible for making me look human in my holiday memories.

I wanted to emphasize the eye brushes in this post so I shot the brushes individually as well. To give you an idea of the actual size, I photographed them next to the lens cap of my camera. These are all travel-sized Laura Mercier brushes. The brush heads are exactly the same as the regular brushes but the handles are shorter.

The brush above is a regular eyeshadow brush and can be used for all around powder shadow application. I like that it's small enough for my lids but big enough to cover a decent surface area so I don't need to go over it again and again. This is available with a regular handle length as well.

The crease brush above is your typical crease brush in shape and in size. Many brands will carry a brush like this. I do a lot of crease work so this is handy for me.

The brush in the picture above is called the corner eye colour brush. It has a tiny but more rounded head, similar to a pinpoint concealer brush. The brush is meant for work on the inner corner of the eye, for that dot of bright shadow that needs to be placed just so. My eyes are small enough that I can use this as a regular eyeshadow brush to apply shadow on the limited surface of my lower lid. You could probably also use this to line over the lashline with eyeshadow because it's somewhat thin, like an eyeliner brush. This brush has natural hairs.

The angled eye colour brush above is the more unique brush in this set. I've seen a couple of brands come out with something like this although I've had my Laura Mercier one (regular handle and travel handle) for years. This was in a travel set that was available maybe 6 years ago. I've been told that the shape is meant to apply shadow underneath the brow. The flat surface hugs your skin and the shape is perfect for that area. Personally, that is all that I use this brush for. I could live without it but I like having it along.

I've noticed that Laura Mercier has been putting out a lot of double-ended brushes like the brow brush above. I tend to get them when buying makeup sets although I've seen them in travel kits as well. I do not like double-ended brushes in general, but packing this seemed logical because I only have one travel brow brush and I don't wash that brush daily. I try as much as I can to wash all the eye brushes after each use and part of the reason I don't like double-ended brushes is that I don't like having to wash both ends at the same time. They also won't sit in a cup with a bunch of brushes and if I lay them on the table, one end's hairs will inevitably be touching the table and so on (sorry, OCD). I like this brow brush very much though. Since I use a brow powder (Anastasia) this works perfectly and the spoolie does come in handy. The head of the brow brush is tiny, making the smallest lines possible with powder. I use a bigger brow brush for everyday but I see how this brush can appeal to some over a bigger one. It just depends on what you need.

The pony tail/flat eye liner brush above was a recent acquisition and that was the only reason I took it along. I have these two in travel size and regular size, separately. If you find that sticking the double-ended in a small makeup bag is better, a brush like this is often available in Laura Mercier makeup sets which include the tightline cake eyeliner and some eyeshadows. That's where I got this one. The pony tail brush is probably one of my favorite Laura Mercier eye brushes. I think that it applies Laura Mercier eyeshadows perfectly and the shape is brilliant for blending. Outer corner? Crease? Windshield wiper? This works on every level that if you tell me I can only bring one brush, I will bring this one. I could apply eyeshadow with my fingers and fill my entire lid with color but I cannot blend it out the way this brush will do it. Having the flat eye liner on the other end is just a bonus. If you don't tightline, you don't need it.

This post is long enough so I'm going to save the eyelash curler for tomorrow. I wanted to be able to show it in various angles so I have a good number of pictures of it. If you're travelling though, and you need to play up your eyes, you need to bring the eyelash curler and this little baby is the least bulky one you can find that actually works.

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