Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Rouge G de Guerlain in Galia (plus Idylle EDP)

One of the highlights for me, of this latest trip to Orlando, was discovering a number of nice things in the France showcase at Epcot. I never noticed but there are a couple of boutiques in there. One carries various brands and houses a small Givenchy store. Right across from it, Guerlain.

Entering the Guerlain boutique, I was promptly greeted and at once offered assistance. While appreciated, I'm usually happy to be left alone to browse. The associates trekked the intersection of pleasant and pushy but I will admit, they are helpful. I was going to look at makeup but was quickly steered towards the fragrance pond where, asked to describe the fragrance that I liked, I said floral, feminine and light. I was spritzed a number of the Aqua Allegorias but not finding anything enchanting, the associate went on to present me with Idylle Sublime, which according to her, was an exclusive in the boutique. A note disturbed me, I said, and she proceeded to spritz me the original Idylle which I did take to. This is fragrance though. I'm not just going to buy it after smelling it once in the store.

Some makeup perhaps? A different associate came up to me as I perused the Rouge G display. What color do you like, he asks. As I didn't immediately answer, he picked one out for me. A sheer, mauvy Rouge G Le Brilliant that was perhaps a bit too bright for my current needs. I obliged him by trying it on but complained that it was too pink. I picked up Galia. A nude then, he says. I asked to try it on. Voila!

This was a quick sale. I'm easy when it comes to lipstick. My comfort zone screams nude and this was perfect. If you've never heard me mention it before, these Rouge G's have the most stellar formula. Full color creaminess in the most beautiful and hefty silver bullet you have ever seen. I complain that it's like carrying a bag of bricks and I hate taking it with me in my purse. And while not refillable, it's rare for me to ever finish a full tube of anything really, so it doesn't matter. I'm on vacation. I love this color and I'm going to take it home. No regrets.

On a side note, if you've ever bought a Rouge G, did you get the pouch for it? At this boutique, the first one I'd ever been to, I was automatically given one with my purchase. I told the associate that I have a number of these Rouge G's and not one merchant has ever given me the velvet suit. He tosses a couple more into the bag. My old Gilian and Gisele now have a protective velvet outfit. Now that's what I'm talking about.

I come back to this store another day and make up my mind about Idylle. The shape of the bottle, a teardrop (a tear of joy), wasn't exactly a big selling point for me. But the bottomline is that the fragrance felt right on me. I allowed myself to be suckered into the gift set: a larger bottle, a lotion and bag. I don't need any of these but it seemed truly foolish to get the tiny bottle at the price it was being sold for. Although an EDP, Idylle doesn't last an entire day on me. It demands to be reapplied in the afternoon. So I'll probably go through the bottle a bit faster anyway. Sweet, light, floral (with some musk, I later learn). I am not crying tears of joy but I am happy.

When I got home, I took an online fragrance consultation on Guerlain's website and the choice was vindicated further. This was my recommended fragrance. An article I later read said the proper layering of fragrance required one to spritz into the air, walk into the mist and then layer a lotion on top. Now I have everything I need to do just that. (And I was told not to rub into the wrists. Fragrance disappears faster that way. Oh boy, I have so much to remember!)

On top of the olfactory express, the food options in the France showcase are tasty as well. We try to get the dining plan whenever we go to Walt Disney World in Florida and we're often left with a slew of snack credits before we leave. The meals cover dessert and the drink, on top of the main entree. Since we usually bring our own drinks, and we get the souvenir mug that's refillable throughout the entire stay, we try not to waste our snack credits on bottled water. I've discovered that the Boulangerie in the France showcase not only has delicious bread offerings but you really are getting quite a value when you use a snack credit for the ham and cheese in a croissant. I've ended up having this croissant as breakfast, lunch and dinner and it always satisfies (not all on the same day!). You can top off with a Napoleon for dessert or perhaps an apple tart. Take it from the lady who used 12 snack credits at the Boulangerie (et Patisserie) in one day. This stuff is gooooood. In France, it seems there is something for everyone.

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