Saturday, December 31, 2011

Rouge Dior Lipcolor in Versailles

This holiday season has given me the chance to rediscover an old goodie. I haven't bought Dior lipstick since a travel palette I purchased on an airplane in the 90's. Wait, that means... I've never bought Dior lipstick at all. The palette had 4 lipstick shades, I think. It was such a good palette and I ran all those lipcolors down to the pan. Funny how I never thought to get myself an actual tube until now.

Dior's Christmas 2011 collection, Les Rouges Or, features 4 lipcolors, all infused with gold powder. The shade Versailles manages to trot along the neutral/nude lip arena but when applied with a heavier hand, reveals its golden sheen. It scared me, at first, that feeling that it looked a bit orange. But I solved the gold overload issue by blotting on a tissue and was left with a lovely, more natural-looking color. For swatching purposes, however, I present you with the unblotted versions.

The lipstick has the same scent I remember from back in the day. Rosy and pleasant. The texture is creamy and application smooth. The color comes off saturated enough with one swipe and overall, is just excellent quality. It made me... want to buy more. Can you tell that you're going to get more Rouge Dior in the coming weeks?

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