Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in Carnation

A last minute trip to Target is a prerequisite to every planned vacation. Mine wasn't intended to find new lipstick although I hadn't yet decided on what makeup to bring. I found a bunch of shades from Revlon's ColorBurst lipstick line on clearance at my local store. I wanted to walk home with the soft nude one but all the tubes that they had on the shelf were damaged so I settled for Carnation, a pretty pink.

I really shouldn't say I settled for it because Carnation turned out to be a very flattering medium pink. It has the signature creaminess of the line and applies opaquely in just a couple of coats.

Don't be deceived by the slight coral tinge on the closeup photo of the bullet (some monitors may show it and I don't know why it photographs that way, perhaps the lighting). The swatch and the lip photo show the real thing. This is almost a candy pink but I love it. (Warmer than the shade actually called Candy Pink.) If you can no longer find this shade at Target, try a Walgreens or a supermarket. My Walgreens still had them well in stock, although at regular price.

With the release of the ColorBurst Lip Butters, I'm almost afraid that they will soon discontinue this line of lipsticks as it's become harder to find a fully-stocked shelf these days. The previously reviewed Blush and Soft Rose are no longer available at the stores I normally go to. I bought my sister the shade Crimson (will not be reviewed, sorry) and as of last night, the store I bought it from no longer had any tubes of it left. For now, the Revlon website still lists a dozen or so shades for us to choose from. Just to complete this soon to be vintage collection, I have got to get my hands on that peach...

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