Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fresh Mini Sugar Kissing Trio

I grabbed this box while waiting in line at the checkout area of my nearest Sephora. It's a trio of Fresh's Tinted Lip Treatments in Sugar Passion, Sugar Honey and Sugar Plum. The item is marketed as a stocking stuffer. I think it's a win if based solely on cuteness.

You get the three lip balms, .08 oz. each. It's a nice way to get to try the different tints or you can divvy up the package and toss one each to three friends.

Sugar Passion has a red tint, Sugar Honey is something of a nude with a brown base and Sugar Plum, while seemingly very dark in the tube, is a sheer deep berry.

The swatches below show the differences. I applied them over the area many times over to get to the level of tint that you can visibly see. They are sheer but buildable and generally look natural no matter how much you put on. They also have SPF 15.

From left: Sugar Passion, Sugar Honey, Sugar Plum

The other two in the collection (but not in this set) are the original Sugar Lip Treatment which is colorless and Sugar Rose, which has a berry rose tint.

I have the swatch of Sugar Rose, which is not included in the set. But I thought it might be useful to put it next to the three, for comparison purposes.

From left: Sugar Rose, Sugar Passion, Sugar Honey, Sugar Plum

Just to get an idea of the size of each tube, I've photographed one mini next to a full-sized Sugar Plum Lip Treatment (0.15 oz.@$22.50) and next to a regular tube of Chapstick

I think they could have done well with a 5 pack including the entire Sugar Lip Collection but for now, the three-pack will suffice. Very cute!

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