Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Fragrance Journey: Part One - How I Ended Up With Chanel No. 5 Eau Premiere

I have a small box where I set aside fragrance samples and into which goes all the bottles that I receive which I determine to be not for me. The box started as a small cardboard box and has progressed to a large, clear Caboodle with a lock and key. This box is presented to all female guests who ever come to visit me, with an invitation to take whatever pleases their senses. Many will sample up to about 10 scents before picking up 3 or 4. Some can't be bothered to spritz and instead will me to pick one out for them.

The difficulty with picking out a fragrance for another is that, fragrance is simply a very personal thing. It is always delightful to open up the box, but I myself always have difficulty picking out a scent from it. After spending most of my early adulthood rudimentarily polishing off bottles of eau de toilette gifted to me, I now relish the idea of buying my own perfume. I wait years to purchase a new fragrance because this process, this journey, if you will, is something I take very seriously. And my latest search has led me to the doorsteps of Chanel, for a bottle of No. 5 Eau Premiere.

I don't want to sound like a broken record, with my seeming adulation for all things Chanel. I must confess that I never actually felt comfortable with the original Chanel No. 5 but this lighter, fresher version appealed to me from the get go. I thought long and hard about the size I wanted, which one was a better value, how I was going to use it (at home? on the go?). After all this deliberation, I thought that the 5 mL bottle was ridiculously large for my needs and while I may not actually carry a bottle with me on a daily basis, the purse spray version (0.7 fl. oz. x 3) was the set that I wanted. I say set because the purse spray comes as a set with 2 refills on the side. I can have one out and two tucked safely away, preserved.

Refill flask

The atomizer itself amuses me no end. You twist and with that full turn to one side, the sprayer is revealed. This mechanism applies to other purse sprays in the line as well, for Chanel No. 5 Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette. One twist and I was in love.

I did pick up a couple of other bottles before I ended up here. Those, I will present to you tomorrow. Meantime, for more on my previous fragrance journeys, see my post Touched By Fragrance here.

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